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This site has its essence in something too true to be true. We don't have any gimmicks anywhere or any vested interest in anything. What this is, is a place, a hangout, an adda, where people with similar thinking and interests can comment or write about anything they feel. To write here, you don't need to be a writer or a poet or have a degree of any sort, because we don't need high thinking intellectuals to comment on world peace and ways to achieve it. We don't want nobles, what we want are commoners; common people who hang out with friends, have a plethora of knowledge that others don't know and most importantly they themselves don't know of this.

This site is a platform for everyone, it is a place where we, as friends can meet and share our mutual interests, and even dislikes. This is what we mean by an open forum, but only for those who know you, and most importantly can understand you. This is a place where we can meet to never be separated again; where we can pen our legacy together. So let your dreams out, let's fly together to newer heights, let's come together to be together forever.


March 2009
It hurts a lot when your best friend starts ignoring you because of your stupid act. What will you do to pacify your friend? What will you say to make your friend realize that you are sorry for your act?

Possible solutions:
  • Kneel down, join your hands and beg for forgiveness
  • Gift him/her something they like
  • A sorry greeting card
  • Take him/her to a surprise dinner
The list will go on and on...

The founder of olnf wrote a poem full of apologies for his best friend to make them realize that he did care and was sorry for his act. His best friend later advised him to write poems. The founder, motivated, started a blog, the first post being the poem which wrote for his best friend.

The blog has completed 3 years and is still running well with 4000+ page views.

October 2011
It was time to switch to an independent domain. Since L&F was not available, the founder went ahead with 'olnf' (On Life & Friendship); as a result, this site came into existence. The aim of the site is to share the experiences of your life and your friendship. Sometimes, you are on your workstation when some memories from your college life come to life and fade away with a broad smile on your face. Smile questioned by your colleague(s) and answered as sweet old memories of true life. This site is for all those who want to share their experiences with the world.

“Experience is knowledge, let’s educate some”



Gikesh Nair
The sole person who understands the soul of olnf. Working as SAP consultant, he is an Engineer and a Post Graduate in Engineering Management. He is not only a co–founder but also a contributor to the blog with his rich experiences (sweet/sour) in life.

Archana Shah
The person due to which the blog was started. The root cause analysis will show that she was the one. Great motivator and the person who made the founder realize the importance of friendship in life.


The people contributing to olnf are many:
YRUS!, Sandip Dhore, Rasna, an Anonymous author, Sulabh Shrivastav, Akshara Mandey, Mudit Chordia
, Maitry Damani, Isha Jaiswal and Vaibhav Shweta Shah.

The list will g
o on and on as all friends are important (as per the new Airtel ad).


The people promoting olnf are many:
Vineet Veena Sethia, Neha Saraf, CGK Bansal, Vishal Kothari, Jaya Shukla, Nozer Khambatta, Hanuman Tripathi, Jyotsna Lakhera, Shilpa Seksaria and Kudilal Seksaria.

Technical Advisor

Sudeep Jaiswal
He is the one who at present maintaining the site and running it without a glitch. The founders are thankful for his services and hope to have him around olnf.


Suparas Singhi
Hmmm... Everything has been said and dictated... I hope we have a pleasant relationship. I have a dream that one day olnf will be a brand worth something, we just need to decide what that something will be. I thank you all for bearing me all these years. This site is my honor to our friendship. I pray that olnf will stand, walk and run...