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Author - Suparas Singhi

This is my second attempt to write down the points or thought gained through last four and half years of experience in this industry. I am not an expert but that won’t stop me from publishing what I know.

I received one request (only 1...) where the person/reader/follower wanted me to post something related to claims.

Claims as a subject of discussion is simple but in reality getting a claim settled fries one's brain out...phew...Claims Management is very complicated, subject and I repeat it again...I am not an expert but nothing wrong in giving it a try...

Let's break it down into following stages:

  • Project Stage

    • Marine (Shortage / Damage)

    • EAR / CAR

    • ALOP / DSU

  • Operational Stage

(Please note I deal in Engineering and Property everything will be from that perspective...please be nice to me...)

In a project getting the consignment/machinery/equipment delivered at site/project location plays an important role.

Today we will only discuss about few scenarios related to Marine Claims pertaining to a project. Project cargo can be an indigenous or an imported one...under both the scenario probability of unforeseen fortuitous loss is quite high and Project running for years definitely gone see numerous marine claims. Most common Marine claims are:

  • Shortage at Port/Site

  • Damage at Port/Site

  • Accidents

(Hope I have not missed anything important)

One cannot avoid these situations but proper risk management will help in reducing these instance. Since these are unavoidable circumstances, where you need to be prepared for claims. Settlement of such claims is delayed because of non availability of documents and lack of timely action.

Irrespective of you be a Broker or an Insured, one needs to keep this list of documents always ready for tackling marine claims:

  • Invoice Copy (Original & Resupply)

  • Packing List ( Original & Resupply)

  • Detailed Packing List ( Original & Resupply)

  • Bill of Lading ( Original & Resupply)

  • Bill of Entry (Try to have a legible copy) ( Original & Resupply)

  • Ensure Vessel is sea worthiness i.e. age below 25 years

  • Vessel Loading Inspection report

  • Vessel Unloading Inspection Reports

  • Cargo Loading on trucks/trailer Supervision report

  • Customs Examination Report

  • Carting Order

  • Joint segregation Report - attended by insured and surveyor representative

  • Service Engineers report for the damages sustained

  • Lorry Receipts

  • Quotation for salvage for disposal at least from 4 to 5 vendors (don't dispose the salvage without prior approval of insurer  surveyor)

  • Payment proof for any additional cost incurred for freight, custom duties, clearing & forwarding expenses

  • Most importantly a monetary claim is to be lodged on the carrier or port authorities or other party involved/responsible for the loss. For lodging a monetary claim a fixed time line is provided be it an air carrier or an ocean carrier or port trust or road carrier. (Please contact your insurer for more detail).

  • Also note that just lodging a monetary claim won't serve the purpose. The monetary claim needs to be sent through registered post and postal registration receipts, receipt of Acknowledgement Due Cards relative to such claims, and any official acknowledgement from such party needs to be preserved, also document and preserve the follow up action done.

  • Port Trust Landing certificate/ Damage Certificate / short landing Certificate

  • Shortage certificate needs to be issued by Carrier / C&F Agent/ Shipper

  • Get the BL / LR endorse by the Vessel Officers / Driver in case of short/ damage supply

  • Vessel Log book if the carrying vessels has sustained any casualty or encountered adverse weather

  • Claim Bill ( Don't forget to claim 10% incidental expenses...its always on higher side than actual incurred)

  • Claim Form

  • Declaration Detail (if relevant)

  • Confirmation on duties which are applicable to the project

  • Payment Proof for all expenses incurred along with the bank transaction sheet

Please note that the above list is just indicate in nature. The Letter of Requirement (LOR) raised by surveyor will vary case to case. Above list contains basic documents and key action points which a broker or an insured should never miss.

Once again I repeat above list is not exhaustive and should not be taken as a thumb rule. The article is open for amendments/corrections/suggestions/comments. Please feel free to contact admin.

Last but not the least, hope the article/post is of some help for beginners and learners like me...

Wish you a very Belated Happy Diwali and Happy New Year...

Good night Sweet Dreams...

(Article prepared in Blackberry Q5)

Hydro Risky Insurance Business

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Author: Suparas Singhi


Natural calamity forces every Insurerto reassess their underwriting practices. In one such recent incident in Uttarakhand, has forced the Insurer Co. both Life and Non-life to come up with creative and innovative solution to underwrite the business as well as settle the claim. Coming back to State of Uttarakhand, wherein more or less around 135 Hydro power plant projects have been either been under construction phase or nearing commissioning. Corporate houses involved in development, construction of Hydro power plants are scratching their head to find solution for recovering from losses where the entire topography has changed or wherein the cost of reinstatement will shoot up the budget beyond their control.

The paper in simple way tries to explain the basic issues that Insured needs to review while availing an Insurance cover for Hydro Project.

Hydro - Risky Insurance Business

Recent natural calamity in Uttarakhand have left Insurance Companies reassess their underwriting practices. There have been loss of life and loss of property both personal as well as corporate. Corporate houses involved in development, construction of Hydro power plants are scratching their head to find solution for recovering from losses where the entire topography has changed or wherein the cost of reinstatement will shoot up the budget beyond their control.

Everyone will agree on the fact that loss resulting from Act of God will be huge in terms of social and economic front. One can refer to the example of earthquake plus Tsunami incident which affected Japan. Prediction of exact date for such scenarios is yet not possible for human but Prevention of such loss of property and life is in our hand.

In no way this paper aims to find out the faults of our loving and caring government. This paper will simply restrict itself to the topic towards Projects and Project Insurance. 
We all are aware that the following major Insurance policies are to be opted whenever a project is undertaken irrespective of type of project:

1. Marine Insurance
For covering the transit risk like overturning, derailing, collision of vessel, earthquake, lightning, fire, etc. which the consignment/Cargo faces during transition.

2. Marine Delay in Start Up (MDSU)
For covering the financial loss/Business Interruption sustained by the principal due delay in project commissioning caused by loss/damage of critical equipment during transit.

3. Contractor All Risk / Erection All Risk (CAR/EAR)
For covering the project activity defined in the scope of work of the contract involving civil and mechanical work. EAR policy is suitable for those projects wherein installation and erection of plant & machinery cost amounts to substantial portion of the project whereas projects wherein the civil portion forms substantial portion of the project cost, CAR policy is advisable.

4. Advance Loss Of Profit (ALOP)
For covering the loss of projected profit which the principal would have earned/gained if the project would have commissioned as per the schedule but projects never go as planned and there may be incidents wherein project commissioning is delayed due to operation of Insured Perils. In such situation the principal tends to be at loss. ALOP can only be claimed once, after the project has been commissioned for commercial operation.

Coming back to State of Uttarakhand, wherein more or less around 135 Hydro power plant projects have been either been under construction phase or nearing commissioning. The area hit by the flash flood, landslide / Rockslide have not only resulted in huge loss of property in terms of material, plant & machinery , etc. but will also result in huge loss in terms of Advance loss of profit.

Sustaining direct damage to the property & loss of profit due to such natural calamity is the common pattern in risk modeling, but let’s imagine the scenario which might affect severely and are normally missed i.e. not perceived at the time of placement of policy.

Due to operation of such AOG perils, situation may arise that the site is inaccessible resulting, which day to day activity linked to project or operational plants comes to an abrupt halt. Such scenario will aggravate the (Advance) Loss of profit. Such loss in income will only be covered if such denial is a result of the insured peril. Few example of Denial of Access are hereunder:
  • Approach road to the site being washed away
  • Obstruction to power generation building/ substation, etc.
Project management is a tool to construct & prepare the schedule for the project with provision for contingencies, but it is not necessary that all contingencies are considered and mapped. Natural Calamities are the contingencies that tend to delay the operation. The delay in operation will only affect the (Advance) Loss of Profit.

Insured will come across the word called Indemnity Period during his tour of Business Interruption part of the policy, in other word (Advance) loss or profit. Indemnity period is the time frame or period for which business interruption loss is payable by the Insurance Co. given that cause of such interruption is due to insured peril.

It has been and it is always advisable to have longer indemnity period i.e. 12 months + if major supply of equipment is though import or site is located in natural risk prone zone. The premium calculation for the same depends on the longevity of the Indemnity Period. Longer Indemnity period can truly provide some relief but at a cost.

Imagine a situation wherein because of such natural calamity the entire terrain and topography of the project/plant site is altered. What if such alteration makes it impossible for reinstatement of the property? Will the insurance policy still be in force and protect Insured interest?

In such situation if Insured decides to abandon the project as the reinstatement will erode away his balance sheet. It is completely up to the discretion of Insurer and IRDA how they want handle and settle the claim badly affected region whereas a provision under operational policy (Mega/IAR/Fire) insured can request from settlement of the claim on market value basis i.e. at a depreciated price.

Such huge loss badly affects the cash flow and liquidity of the Insured. Insured may not be in a position to reinstate the property. Under such scenario request for On Account Payment can be made for material damage to the Insurer. The payment will help the insured to begin with the reinstatement work and the advance payment will be adjusted at the final settlement.

The list of some ideal coverage, which the principal / owner of the project need to avail during the project phase, is listed hereunder:

Common CoversSpecial Covers
EarthquakeContinuity of cover for common utility & structures till all the units are commissioned
Storm Tempest Flood & Inundation (STFI)Pro-rata extension Clause
Riot, Strike & Malicious damage (RSMD)Waiver for put to use clause for internal project roads, bridges, camps and stores
Removal of Debris including external debrisAdditional cover for provisional repair not forming part of the final repair
Owner's Surrounding Property with FLEXADenial of access clause
Extended Maintenance Cover / Defect Liability CoverLiquidated damage cover restricted only for losses covered under the policy
EscalationCover for overtopping and washing away of cofferdam
Additional Custom dutyCover for Tunnel Boring Machine / Deletion of TBM Exclusion or Insuring it under separate policy
Professional FeesMR 1203 : Liability consequent upon vibration, removal or weakening of support
Automatic Reinstatement of Sum InsuredMR 1209: Cover for Oil, gas and/or geothermal drilling rigs and equipment
Offsite Storage and FabricationMR 101: Special conditions concerning the construction of tunnels, galleries, temporary or permanent subsurface structures or installations
Loss minimization expenses(*MR – Stands for Munich Re)
Expediting expenses including Airfreight
Third Party Liability with Cross Liability
Third Party Cover during maintenance period
Design Defect (DE 3 & DE 4)
Waiver of subrogation & contribution
50/50 Clause
72 Hrs. Clause
ALOP cover for AOG Perils

After the huge material & ALOP losses sustained in one of the Hydro project in the state of Sikkim, the insurance companies revisited their underwriting principles and came up with guideline that ALOP cover shall be granted for all AOG perils except for Earthquake.

Therefore any hydro project being carried out in Earthquake prone zone will not have ALOP resulting from Earthquake. At present though cover for ALOP with Earthquake is being granted but on loss limit basis but in any such catastrophic situation will only be peanuts in relation to the loss retained & sustained by Insured.

Hope that Uttarakhand incident should not result in establishing of such underwriting practices wherein entire AOG peril cover for ALOP is excluded or restricted to a loss limit.

Uttarakhand incident and above scenario might have raised some eyebrows on coverage. Those who have faced the wrath of Nature will learn from their experience and those who were somehow lucky will learn by observation and self-analysis.

There may be situation where environmentalist petitions force the government to review the award of hydro project in the state. This review process may also result in cancellation of projects. The investment done will drain down the ditch.

Cessation of work partial or full is not covered under the project insurance and financial loss sustained due to political/government order are also not covered under the project or operational Insurance. Therefore, it is always advisable have a proper PESTLE study of the state or country before investment.

In above cases insured who considered Insurance to be compulsion rather than a proper risk transfer mechanism will pay for their negligence. Till date and for years to come Insurance will be treated as an investment wherein the management will aim towards obtaining claim worth double or triple the premium amount. It’s not an allegation to all insured but they need to change their mindset towards Insurance. A risk transfer tool like Insurance needs to be handled and should be taken care by domain expert and the management should keep their mind & soul open towards that domain expert.


Money My God

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Author: Gikesh Nair

Many say, that it’s futile to run after money, money does not give any pleasure, it robs away your life and lives to repent on the mistake that you have done, on running after it. Many say that money is the source of all evil and a vice that man has created, which would bring the world to end. Money they say creates war and barters peace, it is the source of all evil and the reason why man betrays his own kind, money, they say should not matter in life, there are many other things that do. Bullshit to all of that!!!!!

People say money is a vice and still shamelessly run after it their whole lives, education system teaches the young soul that it is money that this education gives you, a kind of investment with good returns. As children we are forced to study, to be knowledgeable, to earn knowledge etc. Ever wondered for what, I don't believe that was done to chose a life of penance, that is done with the sole motive to earn money, the better the studies, college, the more the money. All this for a simple reason, that now a day's money buys everything, from peace of mind, to friends, to relatives, to power. It is the sole religion that the whole world follows and the sole purpose that the world still survives. it is the best religion that is common to all divided only by the quantity one has of it.

An example, there are many people who die of hunger, natural causes, diseases (curable), and what can save them from this evil fate, oh our ever vice money. If you are hungry, it’s true you need food, but what buys food, it’s money. Education gives you knowledge, it makes you smart, it gives you a certain respectable position in life, it says that you are a graduate or a post graduate but even then, what counts is that if you make enough money, without it, the huge farce, that the education market has become nowadays is nothing, a big zero, of zilch use.

Money runs the world, only the richest of the countries across the would survive with all the riches, the poor countries are forced to toil, the rich have always ruled the poor, and whatever popular culture would tell people, that on the judgement day the rich and poor have no difference, that still would be debatable, because when the poor die a horrible death it's his karma, and when a rich dies his easy expensive heath, it's the karma he earns. Even gods are judged by the money spent on the beautifying his place of abode. The richer the places, the richer the god, the more the followers. So has money brought god, or just his followers. Anyway, according to me, money should be made the universal religion, gods are the currencies and people are those stupid who would toil their life to earn the blessings. The truth is that we live this lie but will always deny to acknowledge the same.

All those who rant about money, either have tons of it, or are unaffected by its fluctuations, whereas the general public, they should never believe this. So  don't believe anyone who says money is a vice, it can be a vice, but it's a vice we all need, we all love and we all want.


Broken Beads

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Author: Gikesh Nair

There was an old saying " if it ain’t broke don't fix it". This also implies that if something is broken, there is an option to fix it. These feel like some daily words but hold a very deep meaning on the way we think. If anyone of us would have a talk with our grandparents, or old people and give them a reason that my mobile phone is broken, the screen isn't working, and I need to buy a new one, their first reply would be why buy, let's get it fixed.

This very reply would fill our minds with anger saying why should we bother fixing. We have got resources to buy a new one. Who would bother with the time taken to actually go to a shop and fix such things. Moreover in these times, where time is money, who has the time to fix things. Added to that, our attitude with goods, white goods or in general has become of this sort. We are never taught to bother with a broken thing. From the very starting of our life, as kids, when a toy breaks, there is no fevi quick to stick it, it's just, throw it away, let's get a new thing. Why go so far, I have got a mobile which doesn't work and I don't bother to fix it, for me it has run its life and more so, I am bored of it, hence lets buy a new one. This is the general attitude, because we know that all broken parts have a newer, fresher option to change to, instead of it being fixed. Forget the white goods, even limbs are available for change, so instead of painstaking maintaining one, we have an option of getting a new one. This is also one of the reasons we get angry on the older generation.

For white goods it can be justified, but the problem is that with us growing in the middle of such white goods, we have developed a deep feeling of everything being a white good, and this does affect the way we function. The " I don't want a broken thing" attitude has affected the way we see relationships is what I think. These days instead of people giving a failed relation a chance, just go ahead break it and wait to get a new one. Isn't this a good concept then?

Well, some days ago I heard of a news article stating that two girls, killed their best friend, just because they hated her and did not want to be friends with her. Well, in our days we just stopped talking to such people, if we did not want to be friends. Forget killing a friend, we won’t even break a toy as getting a replacement is that valuable. Another news stated the high rate of divorces in metros, where the couple are not ready to negotiate or come to terms, what they want is instant annulment. For an abusive partner, who is not a match, this would be an amicable solution, but for people who can "talk" things out, this isn't such a big job. But then, we don't care to give it a chance, just like we don't care about the broken white good.

So who is to be blamed for this? I believe our attitude. Our attitude has changed to the level that we can't even talk or fix the broken part, or relation. We are all in this blind race to get nowhere. From birth to death it's a blind race to prove superiority over things, which forces us to not care and stick to our version and just run the race. In this race, just like the mobile, a relation too has become an instrument. An instrument which might pleasure us, but just like any other instrument, we don't have to care about the broken parts. If one goes, we can buy the next one, this has become the attitude. Gone are the days when we could talk things out, now we just leave it and move on. Again, is it good? There are many who would find this to be very good, but I believe, even if it is good, let's stop from the race and hold on to give time to relations, give time to friends, parents, neighbors. They won't slow down in the race, instead if you have a good one, we don't exactly have to replace it, just fix it.

The older generation never had the choice of actually just throwing away their stuff to replace with a new one. Hence we still have antiques, not scrap. They can never understand the concept of buying something new without there being a need for something. This concept they followed with their relations too. They could never fight and throw off relations, instead they talk and give all of us a chance. Even if we don't listen they still talk expecting you to listen, in the same way they won't change their old clock, stating it can be repaired. They will try every trick in the book, and some, before actually giving up, their old clock or their relations.

So should we go back being old people and care for broken parts? Well IMHO I guess yes, at-least for things which can be fixed and don't need replacement. Lets give relationships more value, lets stand for it. Lets re- learn to talk things out. It's not rocket science, it's something that was done earlier, and can be done now too.

Till then Let’s write, share & experience olnf


बड़ी तमन्ना है ...

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Author: Suparas Deepika

Since all the contributors of olnf have entered into hibernation mode owing to high temperature in India, I present to you one more poem which may entertain you for few minutes...

Note : Poem will be an entertainment for life, If you understand the meaning.

Hope you enjoy it...Till then...

Let’s write, share & experience... On L&F

बड़ी तमन्ना है ...

उनसे कुछ पल मिलने की,
साथ उनके जीवन में चलने की,
हाथ थामे सँभालने की,
बड़ी तमन्ना है ...

उनके आँखों मे डूब जाने की,
खयालों मे उनके यु खोने की,
उनकी बातों में मिठास बन घुल जाने की,
बड़ी तमन्ना है ...

उनकी मुस्कान में , सब कुछ भूल जाने की, 
उनकी आँखों की चमक से सम्मोहित होने की,
गाल में पड़ने वाले डिंपल में गिर जाने की,
बड़ी तमन्ना है… 

उनके हाथो से खाना खाने की,
प्यार से उनको बुलाने की ,
दोस्तों के सामने चिड़ाने की,
बड़ी तमन्ना है…

रुलाके फिर हँसाने की,
गुस्सा दिलाके, फिर मनाने की ,
हर बात पे हक जताने की,
बड़ी तमन्ना है…

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Take Care...


Love an Universal myth...

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Author: Suparas Deepika

We keep on hearing statement “I love you” from so many people to name a few…parents, friends, GF/BF, Husband/Wife…is there anything called love…does love really exists…?

I am confused where in people define love to be pure, serene, beautiful and blah blah blah but yet again despite being in love with one, they fall for another.

So was he/she in love or it was just an addiction. People might call it as “Crush”, “Infatuation”, or “fascination”, but they all mean the same and in one way are connected to the word “LOVE”.

Question is how one can fall in love repeatedly. Don’t you feel there is something thing, which is quite fishy about so-called “LOVE”.

I have been thinking over it for past few months and have been trying to decode the concept of it. Please note that I am not trying to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I am giving solution to overcome situation which might force you to act in a manner which will not be accepted both at personal as well as social level.

Now if you are ready to have a different view on “LOVE” then let me take you on a trip. A trip destined to unravel the truth behind the “LOVE”.

Parents Love for their offspring

Parents are the happiest person in the world, the day you are born. They take care of you, capture every moment of your achievement, the day you first took baby step, first word you spoke, your school functions, etc. They savor every moment of your achievement both personal, academic & professional.

Parents always have high hopes and expectation from their children, they want to achieve what they failed to achieve. They dream of a life that they failed to live and children are their only opportunity. A better-disciplined, academic life of their children will bring them respect, appreciation and fame in this society and subsequently will provide better career and life for their children.

In order to achieve what they failed at, peer benchmarking is done for their offspring. Benchmarking with class topper, brother/sister, best guy in your society, with your friends, etc. the list is not exhaustive but only indicative.

Don’t you feel what I am feeling; a transaction is being carried out. All that was termed to be love, care, and affection turns out to be an Investment, for a bright future and life full of comfort.

So tell me does love mean give and take? Therefore, love is a transaction between two or more individuals.

Children Love for their Parents

I read a message few years back, it was about how children perceive their parents during different stage of their growth. The perception which starts from best, which over a period of time converts to worst parents, I love my parents to I hate my parents, understanding to misunderstanding. The relation builds up this way. One can argue that such impulse behavior is displayed due to lack of knowledge and experience on part of children.

As we, all know love is pure, innocent and beautiful, analytical approach is never followed.  As doctrine/documented in so many motion pictures, novels, documentary films love is a feeling which is developed irrespective of knowledge or experience of an individual.

Children are innocent unaware of this shrewd, materialistic world but are very ahead in benchmarking. You heard me right, children do involve in Parents benchmarking. They compare their parents with uncle & aunty, friend’s parent, teacher and always hope that their parents did have those good qualities.

Does “LOVE,” mean comparison or it was something called acceptance without any condition?

So how can a child be so rude to his parents & at the same time Comparative?

How once truly loved parent transforms to the most hated person in the world?

BF/ Husband & GF/Wife

Now this relation is openly based on transaction. Irrespective of being BF/GF or Husband/Wife, the entire concept of being together is give and take.

Girl decides to go out with a guy who is handsome, dashing and caring meaning to have enough money to spend on her. Similarly, a guy looks for a beautiful, sweet girl who will hang around him like a show piece. Girls get a transporter, portable shopping complex, to whom she tries to modify as per her need and similarly guy in order to maintain his status quo of having the pretty trophy tends to bend/break over time.

Even after a breakup, some stupid GF/BF will request to have their gift returned and expenditure to be shared. What is this “LOVE”?

What I felt so far was that “LOVE” means to give whatever you have to your partner but never ask in return. What I see here is a river flowing against the gravity.

Let us look at Husband/Wife, arrange marriage, or love marriage both are transaction. Transaction where a Husband has to take care of his soul mate/life partner and meet her expectation in return she will provide him and his family with services like well-cooked food, housekeeping, pleasing of society, help mother in law with various social activities, etc. again the list is not exhaustive but indicative.

Marriage is again a transaction between two individuals and societies wherein they are authorized to complete all Physiological needs as per Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory.

The most sacred bond in the world is again based on transaction, an agreement (not documented but naturally implied).

I am shocked…are you?

We have visited 3 most beautiful relations in this world and as per my study and analysis these three relationship turns out to be a give and take transaction. There is nothing called love in this world.

You may want to cross question, explain the feeling which we have when parents are not around us, when children move abroad for job/study, when one have a quarrel, breakup, divorce with his/her partner?  Explain it damned…

Have patience, I have answer to these so called feeling too…but before that let me redefine “LOVE”.

LOVE is nothing but addiction to habits. Habits of parents, children, BF/GF, Husband/Wife;

Parents are habituated with their children behavior, nature and when they are away, they miss their presence in that empty house. They miss those habits, which completed their Parents Children relation/transaction. You will agree once again that in due course of time, they are habituated with children absence; it does not make much difference to them whether you are around or far away.

Similarly, children are addicted to parent’s nature, care, behavior and when they are away, they miss them until they do not join the common pack of friends. As the time pass by the dependency on each other reduces and the addiction reduces but deep down in the mind of the child, it is always there to take care of his/her parents as they have done in his childhood. This is again a transactional obligation.

During breakup/quarrel/divorce both the partner, miss the habits of each other. They are used to the habits of being cared for, tasty food, bike ride and shopping, etc. Do you think this lasts forever? Each of them will continue to miss each other till the time they enter a new relation and would term it “I moved on”.

LOVE is a joke on the planet earth.

Do you think Romeo & Juliet was a eternal true love story…I would term it as failed love story where both lacked guts to move on. They were so much habituated with one another that each feared world without him/her.

Now let me conclude, there is nothing called “LOVE” in this world. It’s just mere addiction to certain habits of your closed ones that makes us feel like what we see, hear and speak of.

If one consider LOVE to an addiction of Habits it will be quite easy to cope up with various situation wherein heart overpowers mind and shut down the logical thought process resulting into decision making based on adrenaline rush.

That’s all from my end, hope few must have enjoyed it…and might have annoyed some…

This is my first article authored with my wife i.e. I have her approval for all above thoughts about/on LOVE.

Let's write, share and experience On L&F
Founder - olnf


In Your Name (तेरे नाम)...

posted 10 Apr 2013, 10:00 by olnf Admin   [ updated 26 May 2013, 06:38 ]

Author: Suparas Singhi

What the hell is going on with “olnf”????

Are we still on Air or our flight just crashed...

Believe me none of these statement are true...only truth is that it’s founder got married, Technical advisor is busy with his educational endeavors, rest all other contributors are having stressed out work lives.

You can’t blame my better half for keeping me away from “olnf” as she herself is on her internship & training session to be a good wife from her Mother In Law for next few months...

Ya, you heard me right, she is on her training session...that is a probation period of 12 months...bad news is that there is no option for new recruitment (just kidding).

Here under I have a small poem dedicated to her titled as

“तेरे नाम"

तेरे साथ से जिंदगी,

हुई है रोशन,

सुनसान पड़ी राह पर,

आया हो भीड़ का मौसम,

अकेले दौड़ रहे इंसान को,

मिला है खुबसूरत साथी,

किताबो को छोड़,

पढ़ी आँखों में लिखी बातें,

तेरे मुस्कान में हो,

जन्नत की सौगाते,

दिन भर की थक्कन, परेशानीया

चुटकियो में गायब कर जाते,

दूर होते हुए भी, पास हो आजाते,

याद है वो तेरा रूठना ,

हवाई अड्डे पे चुपके से रोना,

दिल पे रख पत्थर,

मेरा तेरे से दूर जाना,

ओस की बूंदों का आँखों से गिरना,

और गिरते हुए यह कह जाना,

तेरे नाम...

I hope you might have enjoyed it...

Anyway, I am sorry to announce that, we as “olnf” have failed to meet our target of 150 interesting post in last financial year.

Anyway there is no point of playing blame game. We will try to perform better this year.

We have failed to deliver so many promises...but this year we will at least try to deliver some.

Lets write, share & Experience On L&F...

Founder - olnf


More Annoyances

posted 29 Dec 2012, 08:02 by olnf Admin

Authors: Sudeep & Isha Jaiswal

In a world where people capitalize on success by making sequels and milking the idea for as long as possible, we have decided to do the same thing.

  1. Taking pictures of yourself posing in front of others' vehicles. Become a model instead

  1. Cars playing songs/tunes when reversing. Instead of honking on empty roads, use the horn where it's needed

  1. Bikes that play music when braking. Imagine moving slowly in traffic: Dhoom machale... dhoo... dhoom machaaa... dhoom... dhoom machale dhoom...

  1. Throwing vehicle seat down to close the dickey. Aaram se!

  1. Keeping the road side car door open. Is the 'Death Proof' car available for purchase?

  1. Not getting your vehicle out of the way of others after filling petrol. Start it later!

  1. Driving fast in the wrong lane. Unless you want to eat a two car pancake

  1. Becoming absent minded when waiting for the traffic light. Kumbhakarna ki aulaad

  1. Honking while trying to overtake even when the road is packed. Kahan se doon jagah??

  1. Honking on empty roads. Maybe they see ghosts

  1. People who signal drivers to slow down and then cross the road slowly. Either wait for the road to be clear or make some effort!

  1. People who don't properly indicate when they're about to turn. Don't drop hints, show your hand properly, or use the indicator. Better yet, use your rear view mirror to spot any vehicles behind you and then show your hand accordingly. Don't move your hand slightly and expect me to spot it

  1. Rickshawallahs/pedestrians ignoring the signal. ...and they blame car drivers for whichever accident

  1. Promising someone something and then forgetting about it. Make a note, set a reminder, drink shankhpushpi

  1. Talking loudly. Modulate your voice according to your surroundings

  1. Flaunting your achievement of owning a mobile phone by walking in the road talking in a loud voice. You are not the only one who possesses that phone

  1. Sticking posters/ads on someone's walls/gates without permission. You probably stuck “kick me” notes on your friends’ backs in school

  1. Stealing people's things they probably forgot in places like tuition classes. What do you plan to do with my notebook?

  1. Finding air in food packets. I have stopped buying Lays chips

  1. Ringing the doorbell more than once, unless someone doesn't open for more than 20-30 seconds. I’m not standing beside the door expecting you

  1. Having no regard for time. If I say call after 10 minutes, I mean 10 minutes, not half hour

  1. Not updating others when there’s a change/delay in plans. If we decide to reach Cinemax at 2, I shouldn't need to call you at 2:15 to know that you're about to leave your house

  1. Most kids today. Spoilt bastards

  1. Letting the neighborhood know that you're brushing your teeth. It sounds as if someone's getting murdered

  1. Cleaning nose explosively. Pata nahin kitne saalon se blocked thi

  1. Loud burping in public. It can only be funny at home

  1. Believing that perfume/deodorant is an acceptable substitute for soap. Noses don’t lie

  1. Leaving footwear on the doormat. Where do I wipe my shoes?

  1. People saying ‘incidence’ instead of ‘incident’. It’s funny first, then gets annoying

  1. People saying 'anyways' instead of ‘anyway’. Trying too hard to appear cool

  1. Fair and Lovely type products. The promise to make you fair is probably one of the biggest marketing scams of all time

  1. People holdings cups/glasses from their mouths. Lota nahin hai wo!

  1. People who don't touch the feet when touching someone's feet. You're showing off... or have back problems

  1. People who chew ‘kharra’. That's not what they meant by “take the world and paint it red”

  1. People playing loud music on buses/trains. I always find one in my vicinity on long trips. Always. They never get headphones with their mobiles

  1. People waving raised hands slowly on slow tempo songs. Raising lighters is better

  1. Combing/styling your hair or touching up yourselves in rear view mirrors of others’ vehicles. Observe anyone doing that... you’ll realise how stupid it looks

  1. People idly plucking leaves/flowers while talking with others. I wish it once be a Venus Flytrap

  1. Ladies not wearing any sweater or shawl in parties during winter no matter how cold it is. After all, their designer sarees and jewellery is more valuable than their health

  1. Misusing amenities and making general mess in hospitals, trains, hotels, etc. to "get your money's worth". Look at the bigger picture

  1. Standing on turnings. Don't blame the car in your last breath

  1. Messing with others' parked vehicles. I know my mirror and button positions

  1. People seeking 'inaam' after festivals like Diwali. Have some self-respect

  1. Searching the URL of a website on Google. Just go there!

  1. Believing that eating bananas, curd, etc. causes cold. Have you heard of viruses?

  1. Ringing someone's bell and going elsewhere. Arre phone kar dete, main milne aajata

  1. Wearing a cap indoors. Unless you're hiding a bald patch... no, it's still stupid

  1. Hitting keyboard keys hard when typing. How'd you like me to shout everything when talking to you?

I have some light to shed on another category, television. No it's not just about daily soaps anymore. A lot of things have come up in its competition to irritate the sensible public. Sensible... because there may be many who may feel indifference to it... ‘arre theek hai na... itna to chalta hai, aisa hi hai sab aajkal...’

  1. Daily soaps. You could miss a week and not miss anything

  1. Shows that don't have enough budget to show its characters eat real food in scenes (especially tea) but enough to show them wearing expensive suits, sarees, and makeup at home. Or have clever editing. It's easy to make out empty tea cups

  1. Characters getting up in the morning without smeared makeup or having even a hair out of place. Reveal the secret to us too, we’ll never have to waste time in getting ready especially when late for work... uthe aur chale

  1. Characters with excessive makeup. Wear a mask instead

  1. Characters ripping phone jack straight out of the wall. It's not that hard to remove it properly

  1. Shows depicting loud tyre squeal at low speeds. Every soap and CID

  1. Showing every other thing in slow motion in IPL telecasts. Overkill

  1. Fans getting overexcited to be on television. Baap re, galti se TV par aa gaye

  1. Celebrity IPL team owners and their celebrity guests feeling the need to wave or blow kisses at the camera every time it focuses on them. Arre ho gaya

  1. IPL commentary. It's not a six anymore, it's a 'dlf maximum'. They don't take just catches anymore, they're 'carbon kamaal' catches

  1. Time wasting on finale shows... gratuitous dancing, forced jokes and general time wasting. There must be an unwritten rule that the finale should be longer than the usual duration of the show

  1. TV volume becoming louder when ads start. No I don’t need an indirect indication that the break has ended. The duration of the break is more than enough to complete minor household tasks

  1. Long ad breaks on TV. At times I even forget which movie I was watching, let alone the channel it was on

  1. Frequent ad breaks on TV. I believe a time will come when there’ll be an ad(s) between every ball in a cricket telecast

  1. Comedy Circus. How it is still going on is the biggest joke of the show

  1. Running one report and two-three shots of it throughout the day, at times the following day too. It’s not Aaj Tak, it’s Kal-Parso Tak

  1. Creating unnecessary headlines about TV stars. Who knows they may be responsible for many of the fights between them?

  1. Channels doing horoscopes. Kark rashi wale aaj paani se door rahein... Leo rashi waalon ke rishtey aaj nazuk pad sakte hain to zara sambhal ke rahein. Arre kyaaa hai?

  1. News channels getting overexcited during rainy season. You’ll find every other channel with ‘Baarish ka qahar’ or ‘Monsoon ka aatank’ or similar headlines throughout the day

  1. Illogical headlines. ‘Janbaaz kutta’

  1. Telling the news in strange tones. SANSANI!! Isss aadmi se bach ke rahiye!! Ye ek ghinauna apraadhi hai!! Hoshiyar rahiye!! Ye aapke ilaake mein bhi ho sakta hai!!

Sequels are usually disappointing. We hope the read was worth your time.


Take on Shayari

posted 7 Nov 2012, 20:24 by olnf Admin

Author: Suparas Singhi

Year old and number of new contributors, is a big achievement for olnf which was merely started as a blog to showcase my poetic talent. At present olnf is no more my blog or my belongs to every single individual who has contributed for its successful run.

Now olnf is no more dependent on me which I am proud of. One of my professors during PG taught us that never make system dependent on you, if you wanna move and grow in life make it independent of you.

olnf is now independent of me and I thank all to all of you for your support and motivation.

So after an interval of 5 months, I have come up with few short poem or you call them shayari...I hope you all will love it...

1. When Love strikes:

तेरे हुस्न पे हम ऐसे मर मिटे,

सही गलत का अंतर भी खो बैठे,

उस हंसी के घायल हम यूं हुए,

आखों में सपने, पराये आ बैठे,

जब जब बढे तेरे कदम मेरी ओर,

खुशियों के पंख लगा, दिल खो बैठे,

क्या कहूं उस मधुर आवाज़ को,

जिसे सुन कोयल भी चुप बैठी,

हर तरफ तेरे नैनों का जाल छाया,

आखों में तेरी तस्वीर जो लिए बैठा हूँ,

2. A guy reasoning why he stares every girl that pass by:

आखों में तेरे खोया हूँ,

परछाई तेरी नज़र आई हर तरफ़,

इसीलिए सब को घूरे जा रहा हूँ,

3. Fear of love failure:

भूगोल तेरा भले ही बढ़िया हो,

इतिहास ने परेशान कर रखा है,

तेरे दिल तोड़ने की आदत के कारण,

ग़म की नदियाँ बहीं, सभी टूटे दिल की दरारों से,

फिर भी लोगों ने उसी ग़म को दिल से लगा रखा है,

हो ना जाए मेरी यह हालत,

इसीलिए दिल को फेवीकोल से चिपका रखा है,

4. Poor love:

तेरी हर इच्छा को पूरा कर ना सकूंगा,

पर हर इच्छा को दिल से सुनता रहूँगा,

क्या तोहफ़ा दूं मैं तुझे,

तेरा अमीर होना भी तो एक मुसीबत है,

अपना नौकर बना के रख ले मुझे,

यह तोहफा दे तू मुझे,

दिल से तो अमीर हूँ, जगह तो काफी खाली है,

पर दिल के चार खानों में, सिर्फ रखना है तुझे,

जानना चाहता हूँ तेरा नाम,

इसीलिए तेरे दोस्तों से राखी बंधवाए जा रहा हूँ,

अब आगे क्या कहूं, जब सामने तुम आते हो,

बर्फ़ी सा हो जाता हूँ,

धड़कन तो बहुत चिल्लाती है,

पर पैसों की आवाज़ में,

दिल कहाँ तेरा सुन पता है,

सोने की चमक से,

आखें भी कहाँ तू खोल पाती है।

Thats all for the month, hope to see you soon...bye take care and wish you all a very Happy Diwali.

Till then Let’s write share & experience... On L&F


My Experience of the CAPITAL

posted 28 Oct 2012, 09:37 by olnf Admin

Author: Gikesh Nair

Just thinking about me being at this plant, in the village Rohad in the Jhajjar district of Haryana, just made me think, won’t it be nice to think how I got here in the first place? So here goes an unofficial guide to the capital of India.


Welcome back to India:
So here I come from my famed trip to Abu Dhabi. It was an aweful experience in a wonderful place. Was there for around 3 weeks and all I saw were some malls and on my return journey saw the tallest building in the world. Great experience but the work load took the hell out of it. The only redeeming feature, the return journey, was booked by the client, which saw me travel business class in Emirates and enjoy the biz class lounge (blessed are the rich!!!). So a nice flight of 3 hours from Dubai to Trivandrum and I land back at the airport, waiting to go back to office and let my seniors know of my arrival (and to brag to my friends about the trip and the biz class flight ;D).

I come to the office, discuss with my project manager the pros and cons of the project and suddenly out of nowhere comes the topic that a dear friend, who was at the Jindal Lifestyle project (on site support) in Delhi region has decided, he can’t take any more shit and I have to go replace him. This comes as a shock as I have been there before and know how very boring the place is, and how unorganised the client is. Then came the bout of resentments, arguing with the project manager and the lot, only to find me ready for my trip to Delhi in a week’s time.

Story Starts:

Taus of Bahadurgarh:
So here I come to the famed city of Delhi. A point to notice is that the place where I was supposed to stay is not Delhi, but a suburb or the famed NCR region, or a place outside Delhi but near to Delhi. This brought me to Bahadurgarh, a township in Haryana again in the Jhajjar district. Tau is a local slang used to describe a person as an uncle.

Now this place is a revelation (in not such a good way). I am introduced to various harsh realities of life, harsh because these are things which are new for me, both to see and experience.

Here I am at an industrial area, during the summer, and the best part is that there’s no electricity to welcome me to Bahadurgarh. Electricity became such a rarity that during all my life time, this was when I knew the actual value of electricity. Something as small and menial like the light from a bulb during the night was considered a luxury, or the spinning of the ceiling fan during sudden bouts of electricity supply, felt like heaven. Electricity, became something of a dream. The best part of all, we had power cuts in the plant, where the power (which came via diesel generators) were also to be cut in the admin block so that production should continue. Also part of experience, I survived the largest power cut in India, and faced a complete 48 hour power cut. Wonderful, never forgetting experiences.

Then comes food, I am quite a foodie and not very choosy on food, but the food and quality was very surprising. I had the largest amount of potato in my life here. The same food, no change in taste and vegetables of the same taste, everyday. Nothing even closely has ingredients like salt, masala or chillies. This made life very boring but taught another important lesson, how good is the food that we get at our homes, at the places where we used to live, the food that we cooked and ate a lot?

Transportation: Three wheeled wonders
I have been a very pampered child and it continued to my adulthood, one proof of the same is the only public transport I had ever used was taxi and auto, but here I came across a totally new way/mode of transportation, the auto-bus. As per the name, these are strong workhorse autos made by Piaggio Ape, which have enormous load bearing capacity. The maximum I saw was 28, me included, in one auto. It’s a wonder to even see such a thing being driven on road (more amusing is the police officer catching tripling on a bike but nothing to this).

This place is around 15-20 km from the nearest metro station and the way to get to it is by taking such an auto, then a share taxi (which is a more comfortable alternative, with a Versa filled with only 10 people min). Using them both we could get to the metro station, from where, anywhere in Delhi is not far away.

But this taught me the importance of not only having a personal mode of transport (any kind of vehicle, brand doesn’t even matter), but more so the most basic public transport, bus. The NCR region has grown in length and breadth but the connectivity to important places hasn’t. This has resulted in such illegal modes of transportation, which are both a pain in the ass and bloody dangerous (I have seen quite a few accidents involving such autos and the casualty is always high, especially the people sitting on top). But normal people have no other mode of transport, as there are no other buses to connect to the metro station. The situation is same in Gurgaon or even Noida. Proper town planning, wonder what that is?


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