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20 years later

posted 24 Nov 2011, 02:03 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:43 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

Bees Saal Baad was a horror, murder, mystery movie produced in the year 1960s but this post is all about laugh riot. 20 years later, I meet one of my oldest (say first) friend and all what remains is stomach aches, paining cheeks and wet eyes…it seems bit emotional but in no scenario it was sentimental…We just could not stop laughing while he outwitted me in every sentence. In last 20 years he had turned out to be the master of all sorts of pranks, jovial, smart, etc. I would say, he can easily outsmart anyone, I feel even GOD.

After conducting a Risk Audit at Roha (approx. 120 Kms from Mumbai), I was back to Borivali at 20:30 Hrs. for boarding train to Vadodara at 00:05 Hrs. There was ample time, so I decided to meet one of my friend at Borivali, who got married last year (pls. inform me about your marriage anniversary date, I forgot sorry) and he was and is the very first friend of mine.

He agreed and decided to meet at CCD near Vishal (sort of retail outlet or is a retail outlet) at Borivali. I forgot to cite his name, he is Vineet Sethia but now he is V.V.S (Extra V stands for his wife). Now you see, how much dedicated and mature guy he is, who moves every where with this board on “Sorry Gals, I am married now”, this is what I call devoted, dedicated HUSBAND.

The moment I made an entry to CCD, everyone was shocked (I would rather call, traumatised by my appearance). His wife gave the weirdest look; you know she was taken aback with big question mark on her face who the hell is this pathetic looking guy? (I understood that the makeup done at Railway washroom was not enough). I did mentioned in second paragraph that I was back from a Risk AUDIT of a chemical plant which was located 120 Kms from Mumbai.

Hmmmmm…It took approx. 20 mins for Vineet to convince his wife that, it was reality and I was his friend, oldest friend. Finally it was normal and next two hours we had just laugh riots...

He shared all moments of his life of last 20 years, be it his graduation in U.S., his job in Mumbai, his first meeting with his wife, marriage, friends, movies, my life, my wife (that is any GF), college, job etc. He left nothing untouched…he made us laugh on every statement I made.

At 23: 35 Hrs. we departed with a promise to meet soon again. Meeting with Vineet Veena Sethia (V.V.S) that day gave it a perfect end but I realised that every one of us need to connect with their friends because You will love those moments when you have walked an extra mile to be with your loved ones, close ones and dear ones and made their life more meaning full.

Good Morning Dear Friends have a good day…take care