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Art War

posted 6 Feb 2012, 08:19 by olnf Admin   [ updated 8 Feb 2012, 03:41 ]
Artist: Akshara Mandey

You all are aware of the theme on which L&F is based. We are constantly looking for talent who want to write, share their experiences. We all are amateurs who want to make big our passions, be it writing, drawing, painting. Be it right or wrong, we want to share it with the world.

Today what we have here is a first post from one professionally successful artist. She is a painter by profession (full time) and a marketing executive (part time) for an Insurance broking firm. She is Akshara Mandey.

She is a successful painter whose art exhibitions are always a hit in Baroda. Today, you are just not going to see the colour strokes on the canvas but also witness a rising star, in the field of Arts.

We are thankful and grateful to her for sharing her talent on our site. The copyright remains with her and the buyer of the painting.

So the Art war begins: