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Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip (BBPT - 1)

posted 20 Nov 2011, 06:47 by olnf Admin   [ updated 2 Jan 2012, 00:46 ]

Author: Suparas Singhi

I hope you must have been waiting for the post…I am extremely sorry for the delay…I was bit busy in my extremely idle life. Sounds weird but I was busy in my sweet idle pune life

Swine flu break did keep me away from internet for a week but I think this was not enough that we have to go outstation (Bangalore Brochure Presentation) for inviting the Companies to the Campus Recruitment Program 2008-2010.

I can’t explain how in last few months my life has been but I have been traveling a lot.

Enjoyed every second of my life spend in the journey.

Actually this post was supposed to be published in the month of September or October but due to Placement Season and Exam (postponed thrice) rumors kept me away from publishing the post. Actually you have already gone through new English venture of mine. Now without any further delay here you go through my Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip.

Let’s have a glance over Bangalore trip ( 12/09/’09 – 20/09/’09):

  • Total 15 students have applied for Bangalore visit for making brochure presentation. 11 were from Dual A (Marketing) and remaining 5 from Dual B (IB). Out of the eleven five were from my group…Hanu, Subu, Nozu, Udu & Me…Visu and Archu have applied for Mumbai. Remaining need not require any introduction.
  • We all reached station an hour earlier. I informed all of them that Train will depart at 11:45 am and most of us went to restaurant for breakfast. While 3 people guarding the luggage, train arrived on time and we were still in the queue waiting for getting served. At 11: 15 am I received a miss call from Hanu (one of them guarding the luggage), ignored because I thought that he might be calling me to help him load the luggage. Received my breakfast and started to enjoy it, suddenly again a miss call…no not a miss call a full complete call....

Hanu: Sale…kaha hai…. (Where are u)?
Supu: Kya hai be…nasta kar raha hu... (What…enjoying my breakfast...)
Hanu: Sale train jaane wali hai… (Train about to leave...)
Supu: pagal ho gaya hai kya... train 11:45 ko jayegi... (Mad or what.. train will depart at 11:45)
Hanu: tu pagal hai…train 11:20 am ko jayegi… (are you mad..train will depart at 11:20am)
  • Hearing this, food got stuck in my esophagus, started choking…Udu handed me a glass of water. Once the throat was clear, I screamed, “Train’s leaving roughly in 2 mins”. Udu, me, laxmi and her group started eating like we were hungry for month.
  • Started running towards our coach, thankfully we boarded our train on time. Occupied the window seat to enjoy the journey. But Udu, Subu, Nozu had something else in mind…I had to protect my dignity (I guess you understand what they were up to).
  • After their nonsense was over and few snaps were taken to prove Udu is gay…all of us settled down with Dumb charade (spelling mistake may be there, It’s a game where one person is given a movie name and he/she has to enact it for others to guess). We were divided in two groups; I was a silent player but later on had to march to the battle ground. Himanshu (2nd team member) was elated that I won’t be able to enact the movie, but to their surprise I successfully completed the task. The movie was “Yalgaar” (now don’t ask how I did it?).
  • After the game was over we had our lunch, and I went to the upper berth to take my afternoon nap.

It’s a long journey, will continue it in next episode of the Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip 2 (BBPT – 2).