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Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip (BBPT - 2)

posted 20 Nov 2011, 06:49 by olnf Admin   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:54 by Sudeep Jaiswal ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

A warm hand slowly moving on my cheek…I love you Mom, feels like coming back to heaven…Home sweet home…

Home!!! I was supposed to be in train... (Eyes still closed...)…
Where the hell am I (Slowly opening eyes)?

Eyes wide open….Udu..!!!!! with a nasty lustful smile and his face close to mine….
Subu ready with camera…Udu going to kiss me…..God I am not gay…Please save me from this demon…God Please save this child, have some mercy on me...
Thought struck my head and it (head) struck his head…a head on collision….wow…perfectly inelastic collision...

Two more such strike forced him to go on back foot…

Very next moment I realized everyone in our group of 15...most of them were live audience to this show... It was planned attempt… Everyone one was laughing aloud...

Subu: Sale niche aaja nahi to Udu phir upper ajayega… (Come down...or else Udu will be back)
Udu: Nahi ab main upper nahi jauga (holding his head)... (No, I won’t…)
Subu: Niche aa sale...bahut so liya... (Come down…no more sleeping)

After a while I was on the side lower berth, looking at all of them (Witnesses) and all of them smiling at me (nasty, shrewd smile…can’t explain).
Hanu had brought two packs of card; he mixed all of them and started playing some kind of game…."BLUFFMASTER"…

As far as I know to win this game one need to be empty handed as soon as possible. One needs to dispose of the cards.
Subu: 6 cards of queen.
Nozer: 4 more.
(now see in 2 pack cards there can be 8 queens. So how come here are 10 queens, one of them is bluffing.)
Hanu (gets suspicious and picks up the card which Nozu had played)
There are two possibilities

Option 1: Nozu is bluffing and he is caught then he need to pick all those 10 card already played in his own stack.

Option 2: Nozu not bluffing, but Subu did bluff. In this case Hanu suspected Nozu, who turned out to be Fair player then Hanu will pick all those ten cards played to his personal stack.

I hope you now have the fair idea about the game. They forced me to play but I plugged in my mp3 player and went to world of deaf (no outer world noise just music and your soul). I was deaf but not blind, saw Nozu doing cheating when ever he possibly could. He asked me to hide nearly 15 cards and later on again asked for those 15.
Nozer was the cheater of the game, despite cheating hard he lost. If we rank the players by their cheating activities then Nozu was the leader followed by Hanu, Neha, Himanshu, Subu, Laxmi… I don’t know who won but whoever won was the BLUFFMASTER…

The game was interrupted by the dinner. Again it was Veg Biryani (same was for lunch, if had not mentioned in BBPT-1). After dinner again BLUFFMASTER was the favorite, the only change was few no. of players and I was between them just monitoring them.

Slowly as time passed girls were out of game went to their respective berths. Guys started planning how to go around for Brochure Presentation and how will they complete 18 to 19 companies 2 days so that they can enjoy rest 5 days. After the planning was over, Hanu switched on his laptop and was busy playing some bike race or stunt game. Himanshu joined him and in mere 15 mins complete all the stages (Hanu was dumbstruck).
I was again busy with my mp3, Nozu with his mobile, Subu was wandering here and there. At last at 11:45pm we all went to sleep, waiting for a new morning in new state, new city...

Signing out for now…will meet in BBPT – 3 till then bye…take care..