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Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip (BBPT - 3)

posted 20 Nov 2011, 06:51 by olnf Admin   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:54 by Sudeep Jaiswal ]

Author: Suparas Singhi

Day 1 Sunday:

5:00 am…rattling sound of the train, moving towards Yesvantpur Junction, woke me up… I forgot to mention earlier that the last stop of our train was Yesvantpur not Bangalore Junction (Bangalore city is 7 to 8 km from this station).

Still dark in the coach, I saw Nozu yawning, with his head phone plugged in, changing tracks after tracks. He stared at me with a dull question mark on his face….what??? Any problem.

After half an hour, suddenly everyone woke up and started readying themselves with their luggage.

Me: Yaar arrival time to 8 am ka hai..Abhi tayar kyu ho rahe ho??? (Friends schedule arrival time is 8 am…Why are you getting ready so early???)

Hanu: Train 30 mins me pahuchane wali hai sale…( Train is about to reach destination, idiot..)

Me: Ye kya ho raha hai..pehli bar Indian Railway time se pehle pahucha rahi hai…(What the hell…Indian Railway on and before time….8th wonder of the world)

We all readied ourselves and luggage. Train reached the destined station at 6: 20 am. All of us assembled at the station did the head counting and luggage identification. Everyone promised each other to complete the job in three days and to have a get together on fourth day. After wishing each other best wishes we moved on.

Nozu, myself, Subu and his friends hired two auto rickshaw and headed towards SBI guest house.

We (Nozu and I) dropped Subu and his friends at SBI guest house and headed toward Nozu’s Sister flat.

Nozu : Hum log Didi k yaha jayege or fresh ho k dosto se milne jayegi ok. (First we will freshen up at my Sister’s flat and then will pay visit to my friends.)

Me : Ok no problem…but yaar will we be able to complete the Brochure Presentation in 3 days???

Nozu : Ya.. We will complete it yaar…I know the roads but I am not aware of the places….See I used to come here for tuition (pointing to one building)…..par yaar ye kaun sa rasta hai..mujhe pata nahi..(I don’t know this road)….

Me: what the hell??…just now you claimed you are aware of the roads???????

Nozu’s Didi was working in Wipro (is still…). We had a good breakfast and after the stomach was full, both of us were on our way to meet Nozu’s graduation friends residing in that area (Area is top secrect...Can’t be disclosed…).

Returned back to flat for lunch, his two best friends MOTA (Mritunjay) and X (forgot his name) were waiting for him. All of us went to a good restaurant for our lunch.

Mritunjay was the guy who was going to provide shelter to 3 of us (N.S.S.) for rest one week. He was and is great guy with very good sense of humor. He was and is fat so nick named MOTA (fatty)… and also because of Nozu’s inability to remember names.

We had some chat related to Nozu’s graduation life and his present life i.e. PG life…Had a great time being there with Didi, MOTA, Mr. X, Nozu… After half an hour all four of them turned to me for some time pass… Triggered by Nozu everyone present there staring ragging me… (It is said I‘ve the attraction power which attract people to rag me…)

At 5 or 6 pm Subu arrived with all his luggage, we (N.S.S.) were supposed to move to MOTA’s flat for rest of the days as mentioned above. MOTA was (and is) residing in N.G.E.F layout outskirts of Indira Nagar (may be wrong) which was near to I.T.P.L and White Field (these are two major IT parks).

Before leaving for N.G.E.F layout, we had some movie transfer from my laptop to Didi’s laptop and her friend’s Laptop.

Suddenly something unthinkable happened… Didi’s friend by mistake poured one glass of Coffee on my laptop…Just imagine yaar… First of all it’s a laptop by Wipro, and you all might be hoping that it may not have survived the attack… But it did…Wipro is great man...It took another half an hour to clean.

We left for MOTA’s flat at around 7pm. Hired an Auto and asked him to follow Nozu on bike with MOTA, but Auto drivers do have mind of their own… Anyways we all reached the destination at 9 pm. Had our dinner and because of the tiresome day we were fast asleep…

Next day was the day for some action; it was Monday…The area to be visited was White Field and I.T.P.L…

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