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Bangalore Brochure Presentation Trip (BBPT - 4)

posted 20 Nov 2011, 06:57 by olnf Admin   [ updated 7 Jan 2012, 02:54 ]

Author: Suparas Singhi

Extremely sorry for not staying in contact with you all... Due to certain circumstances I was not able to publish post regularly...this does not mean that I will be regular...anyways enjoy this post...BBPT 4

Day 2 Monday;
Around 6 am, I was the first one to wake up. Both of them were sleeping like they have come for a vacation sale… anyways I thought why don’t I finish up my daily chores before waking them up…

Around 6: 30 am Mr. Subu made an entry to real world. He saw me all dressed up and was looking shocked…he then realized we are here for a task not for vacation…Nozu also made an entry to impress us but sadly we were already in better condition than he was?
By 8 am we all were ready except MOTA (he is not in our team I hope you all remember), we have prepared for the company and written down their detail in a small diary carried by Nozu!!!

The area on today’s list was Whitefield and I.T.P.L…The company to be visited were
  • iGate Global Solution Ltd.
  • Intelligroup
  • IFB Automotive
  • Madhura Garments
  • Societe Generale Global Solutions

After a 25 min walk from MOTA’s flat we were at the bus stop. This walk was pretty weird and different; three guys well dress in suit and two of them carrying bags on their shoulders. Just imagine!!!!

Nozu tried his best and any how got some info about the bus route.
Nozu : Hum bus pass lege jisse hume traveling susti hogi…(we will purchase bus pass so that traveling in bus won’t be so costly)
Subu & Me : thik hai….(Ok boss)
We boarded the bus for whitefield. On our way I received a call from our head office (BIIB PAT Office, it’s a very powerful office which can literally do nothing…)
Me : Hello…
Manasawni : Hello Suparas?
Me : Ya, abhi tak to hu..
Manasawni : Where are you??
Me : I think Banaglore..
Manasawni : Not kidding, are you visiting the company???
Me : Ya..
Mansawni : Three of you???
Me : Ya…
Manasawni : Which area??
Me : White Field and I.T.P.L.
Manasawni : Ok good, please keep me informed…and in any case you require any help do call me…
Me : ok ya ya, thanks…
Nozu : Sale kaun si ladki se batiya raha tha…bhul gaya kya roaming me hai… (with whom were you talking??? Did you forget that you are on roaming??)
Me: Call from PAT…they needed detail about our today’s program.
Subu : Ok…why don’t you give her Nozu’s Banagalore no..???
Me : Will give it in next call??
We reached White Field at around 9: 30 am. Since we didn’t have any knowledge about the companies exact location, so we decided to visit companies depending upon the list serial no. (Mistake of my life)

The red line denotes the Road and the number in red denotes the sequence in which companies where located. The black line and no (black) denotes how we visited the companies.

1) iGate : After long waiting in the queue and security check we were let in. The time we stayed at security check was more the meeting with HR. Ms. HR was very happy to see us. She knew we will be here.
Ms. HR : I had already informed your office that we don’t have a requirement right now. I had assured them that we will let you know as soon as we have requirement. With this she handed her hard and we handed her our brochure.
We : Thank you Mam..
2) Intelligroup :
HR: Sorry, now I don’t deal in campus recruitment, Ms. X sees this area and she is on leave please come after 2 to 3 days she answered on phone.
We : Thank you mam.
3) Madhura Garments :
Receptionist : Sorry we have already short listed the colleges we will like to visit for campus this year.
We handed her our brochure in case next year they zero down on BIIB
4) IFB Automotive:
Guard : Do you have an appointment?
We : No, with a smile.
Guard : Then take an appointment and come..
We : hmmm

Nozu called up the HR, but there was negative response from the other side. HR asked us to visit after 2 to 3 days.

In this way we completed our White Field Operation. By the time we visited all the companies in white field it was around 12:30 pm.

We left for I.T.P.L. ( only one company in that IT park)…

5) Societe Generale Global Solutions:

The HR was missing so we handed over the Brochure to assistant HR and gave him our presentation in the elevator (This was our first presentation of the day).

By the time we completed both White Field and I.T.P.L. it was around 01:30 pm…

We were all sweating and tired…with empty stomach we were not able to move…to quench our thirst we first had Coconut water (Nariyal Pani).

Nozu : Yaar time to kafi hai chalo Kormangala ka area bhi dekh lete hai…(friends we still have time why not we visit the kormangala area too)
We : ok but first we need to have something.
Nozu : ok we will have something as soon as we reach kormangala.
We : Ok…

We boarded the bus to kormangala…I would like to bring to your note that the bus pass which we have issued in the morning had not come in use so far as we were traveling in Volvo and Volvo have different, separate bus pass!!!!
Stomach eagerly waiting for kormangala
To be contd…