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Beg your pardon

posted 31 Dec 2011, 04:44 by olnf Admin   [ updated 31 Dec 2011, 04:47 ]
Author: YRUS!

Friends, who are always by our side, be it at the time of kicking our respective butt or stealing cake from our plates or arranging the number of our crushes or be the force to move us on and on through out our life. We will find our friend/friends around us whenever, where ever we need them.

Irrespective of our nature (introvert/extrovert), we are bound to have friends ( range varies). Irrespective of our nature we might have played prank/pranks on our friends.

The idea of the author (YRUS!) is just to convey the fact that, “at times we just play pranks on our friends, but we forget to realize how they feel on the other end. In fun filled spirit we go on and on and by the time we’s too late...”

Beg your pardon

When I played the prank on you, I had never thought

Where I’m gonna start and how I’m gonna end.

No doubt it was fun, to get you framed

But never realized, it left you sick and sad.

To hide one lie, I kept on telling more…

Never stopped to ask myself – What for?

When I informed your friends,

Of you being framed for a prank…

They all had sympathies for you

I am telling you, just to be frank.

They warned me of the consequences

And told, this might bring you tears

I guess, I was too busy enjoying…

While this all fell on my deaf ears.

I did not understand what they said;

Or is it that, I never wanted to.

Now I am just asking myself –

What the HELL, I was trying to do?

I did not even have a slightest idea

That, this all was causing you PAIN,

Now when I know the whole story

I think as if I was acting INSANE!!!

So now that I put myself in your shoes,

and having walked a mile,

Below is just a part of my efforts,

to bring back your smile

However hard I try

Whatever efforts I make;

For the inconvenience I caused for you

I can never compensate!

I might pull out a carpet of red roses,

Or get you a world of honey,

But it wouldn’t lessen the pain

Or even minimise your agony.

Whatever I try to do,

It will be like adding cherry on your cake,

However serious I may be

You might think that I fake.

So dear friend, now that you know how I feel about the act,

I beg your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart

I hope you forget the past, look forward to new future

and give our relation, a BRAND NEW START!!!

Hearty condolences;

Yrus - the trouble itself.

So the author wishes to apologise for all his wrong doings and we all along with him are looking forward to a bright new future, a prosperous new year for your relation. We enter a whole new year with a hope that we will remain friends forever and ever.

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