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Broken Beads

posted 29 Sep 2013, 04:42 by olnf Admin   [ updated 29 Sep 2013, 05:04 ]

Author: Gikesh Nair

There was an old saying " if it ain’t broke don't fix it". This also implies that if something is broken, there is an option to fix it. These feel like some daily words but hold a very deep meaning on the way we think. If anyone of us would have a talk with our grandparents, or old people and give them a reason that my mobile phone is broken, the screen isn't working, and I need to buy a new one, their first reply would be why buy, let's get it fixed.

This very reply would fill our minds with anger saying why should we bother fixing. We have got resources to buy a new one. Who would bother with the time taken to actually go to a shop and fix such things. Moreover in these times, where time is money, who has the time to fix things. Added to that, our attitude with goods, white goods or in general has become of this sort. We are never taught to bother with a broken thing. From the very starting of our life, as kids, when a toy breaks, there is no fevi quick to stick it, it's just, throw it away, let's get a new thing. Why go so far, I have got a mobile which doesn't work and I don't bother to fix it, for me it has run its life and more so, I am bored of it, hence lets buy a new one. This is the general attitude, because we know that all broken parts have a newer, fresher option to change to, instead of it being fixed. Forget the white goods, even limbs are available for change, so instead of painstaking maintaining one, we have an option of getting a new one. This is also one of the reasons we get angry on the older generation.

For white goods it can be justified, but the problem is that with us growing in the middle of such white goods, we have developed a deep feeling of everything being a white good, and this does affect the way we function. The " I don't want a broken thing" attitude has affected the way we see relationships is what I think. These days instead of people giving a failed relation a chance, just go ahead break it and wait to get a new one. Isn't this a good concept then?

Well, some days ago I heard of a news article stating that two girls, killed their best friend, just because they hated her and did not want to be friends with her. Well, in our days we just stopped talking to such people, if we did not want to be friends. Forget killing a friend, we won’t even break a toy as getting a replacement is that valuable. Another news stated the high rate of divorces in metros, where the couple are not ready to negotiate or come to terms, what they want is instant annulment. For an abusive partner, who is not a match, this would be an amicable solution, but for people who can "talk" things out, this isn't such a big job. But then, we don't care to give it a chance, just like we don't care about the broken white good.

So who is to be blamed for this? I believe our attitude. Our attitude has changed to the level that we can't even talk or fix the broken part, or relation. We are all in this blind race to get nowhere. From birth to death it's a blind race to prove superiority over things, which forces us to not care and stick to our version and just run the race. In this race, just like the mobile, a relation too has become an instrument. An instrument which might pleasure us, but just like any other instrument, we don't have to care about the broken parts. If one goes, we can buy the next one, this has become the attitude. Gone are the days when we could talk things out, now we just leave it and move on. Again, is it good? There are many who would find this to be very good, but I believe, even if it is good, let's stop from the race and hold on to give time to relations, give time to friends, parents, neighbors. They won't slow down in the race, instead if you have a good one, we don't exactly have to replace it, just fix it.

The older generation never had the choice of actually just throwing away their stuff to replace with a new one. Hence we still have antiques, not scrap. They can never understand the concept of buying something new without there being a need for something. This concept they followed with their relations too. They could never fight and throw off relations, instead they talk and give all of us a chance. Even if we don't listen they still talk expecting you to listen, in the same way they won't change their old clock, stating it can be repaired. They will try every trick in the book, and some, before actually giving up, their old clock or their relations.

So should we go back being old people and care for broken parts? Well IMHO I guess yes, at-least for things which can be fixed and don't need replacement. Lets give relationships more value, lets stand for it. Lets re- learn to talk things out. It's not rocket science, it's something that was done earlier, and can be done now too.

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