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Cadbury for a Slap

posted 20 Nov 2011, 06:53 by olnf Admin   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:54 by Sudeep Jaiswal ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

My sincere apology for not being in touch with you all. I was bit busy with the placements season, for last 5 to 6 months and was busiest in last 2 months. Now please don’t think that this post means I am placed. I am still unplaced, (don’t worry yaar), I will get placement very soon. Now again I beg for your pardon as this post is not about the BBPT series. Its about one small incident that happened in DUAL A( Marketing) class during second semester.

The incident is funny and is linked to me directly…very direct. The day started normal as usual, but the end was not so normal for me. Please enjoy the incident here you go.

Reached college at SST (Suparas Standard Time) at 8 am sharp, had my breakfast and for next 45 minutes I was there in the class waiting for my classmates to arrive and lectures to begin.

By 8:55 am most of my group member (Hanu, Nozu, Subu, Visu and Archu) were on the floor. As usual we were joking around and making “fun of each others”… (Please note fun of each others means others making fun of me).

By 9:00 am we all were settled in class, attendance was taken and when faculty was yet to be called, Nozu challenged Archu for a Cadbury (costing 40 or 50 Rs) for a slap on my cheek in front of the class. Nozu was on my RHS and Archu on my LHS. She hesitated a bit and said she won’t, do it. That was so nice of her; she was not lured by Cadbury.(I forgot to mention Cadbury is one of her weakness).

Throughout the day Nozu and rest of the members tried to provoke her but she remained in control and calm.

Second last lecture was over the day was about to get over, without a slap being registered on my face. There was a break of 15 mins and few of the students have gone out for refreshment to Navrang (the retail store) and most of them were back to class before the break was over.

I was on my place reading/ writing / solving something, while rests five of them were moving here and there. Out of blue Archu came to me and asked something which I replied in yes or no (I don’t remember what she asked)only thing I remember is that in front of 40 odd students present in the class I received a slap on my left cheek.

One hand on the slapped cheek, I was confused and not able to understand what was going on and what to react with ? I was dumbstruck, looking at her. She was shouting at Nozu for her Cadbury.

Nozu went downstairs to Navrang for the Cadbury. By the time he was out, I regained my senses and trying hard to take my revenge. Everyone enjoyed the scene and were enjoying more by seeing my reaction.

Nozu returned with a 10 Rs Five Star…hahahah this was great… She made some faces for Nozu not fulfilling the promise but anyways she enjoyed the five star too… I also got part of it, as without me the challenge would not have been accomplished.

The lecture started on time and through out the lecture I was thinking, Girls can slap their friends for chocolates. Chocolates are their weakness. (Please make sure that don’t ever challenge a girl in return of a Cadbury if it is her weakness.) . At the end the day ended with a slap on my face.

At present where we all are on the verge of completing the final semester and about to leave this place, I see that we all are going to miss these small incidents that some how have shaped our friendship. We will miss these 2 years of stay at BIIB, pune.

One of my friends says that there is a difference between liking and loving, but what I feel is that both are same. But still some like this place , some love it and some hate it. But I love it…..

I will miss this place….