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CB & ME - II

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:36 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:49 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

We all know every successful venture is welcomed with lot of objection.
Every new idea is tortured by society. The creator is tortured and humiliated by this orthodox society who is hell bend not to change…
So was Master Chaturbhuj Bansal (MCB). Annoyed by the blog and truth, he tortured me, irritated with his foolish/sarcastic remarks, he attacked me (not to mention where) with punches & kicks….Despite that painful experience and objection from orthodox – ox   MCB, (Just respecting his argument that MCB was not up to the mark) I am here with next series of CB & Me.

F 1: Office
It’s been 5 months that CB has been posted to Baroda office from Mumbai.
Last week he came up to me and started smiling. I thought he is up to some mischief again and I need to maintain my cool.
Even he was smiling after an hour too…I became curious; my curiosity forced me to question him regarding his happiness (smile)…
Me:  Did your boss kiss u today?

CB: No, it was not that good?

Me: Did you fool auto driver or did you pay less to him?

CB: No, that bloody auto driver took 10 Rs. Extra today…

Me: Then what? did you get hooked on some good looking gal?

CB: No, Luck is very bad in that case too today… (He everyday wakes up with a hope to find his soul mate)

Me: Then, you donkey, idiot, @@*&^@ why the hell are you smiling like a dumb donkey?

CB: Ohh...I had a revelation, this evening at office…

Me: What??? (I was confused, shocked  as there was nothing special in office today which can surprise or shock him??)

CB:  Hmmm…bro...(He calls me bro whenever he has something important to share), you know that there are plants with only leaves, plants with flowers, placed at different corner of the office. All of them are different and beautiful (I nodded eagerly to know what the ending was? What surprised him?), it looks so nice….Today I was bit naughty and wanted to pluck some flowers & rip off some leaves….

Me: You dumb donkey how you can do such things, don’t you have some grey matter in the box up there at a height of 6 feet…???  Did anybody see you doing it or attempting?? Why do you do such activity which makes people doubtful about your brilliance???

CB: You knew about it??? Why didn’t you inform me?? I made a fool out of me today…I thought you were also unknown to this fact….that the plants placed in the office are made of plastic…I tried to rip off the leave it but did not…then I was revealed to the fact that why I never see them being watered, why they had white sand & gravel in it….It was revelation for me...

I could not stop laughing at that very moment as I saw the very smile fading away from CB’s face and his ear turning red like tomato due to shame…this was a great incidence to shared with you all…
I hope you must have enjoyed this incidence…

Note: CB it’s not that I am making fun of you but it’s always you who commits the mistake and I am saved of the shame and humiliation. Don’t worry in next post I will share Big Bazaar incidence with all...ok don’t feel sad yaar, you are like Marley - naughty, careless, restless and happy go lucky guy…so just smile and enjoy this post.  Thanks for being my friend and bearing me for last 7 yrs. Thanks a lot for caring … Thank you all my dear friends…