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Champaner & Pavagadh Trip

posted 24 Nov 2011, 02:20 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:41 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

“Stillness prevailed on the Vadodara – Halol Highway when unexpectedly, something passed by leaving the dead dry weed/leaves floating high up in the air…Someone looked back, with a smile full of pride to see the disturbance created…by the speed & power of travelling @ 70Km/hr…We were racing…racing for a journey of the month…”

Place: Payal Complex
Date: 15/05/2011
Day: Sunday
Time: 0430 Hrs

“Get up (uthja haramkhor); it is time for you to move out”…yelled CB, after being annoyed & irritated by the alarm. Do not worry; he was just being more concerned about his sleep. Ha had been sleeping for the past 13 hours but still his desire for the same remained unaltered…this is what I call passion, passion for Sleep. I think E.S.S. is his motto of life. 

E.S.S: Eat, Sleep & _____

Do not think naughty (that option cannot be ruled out, he claims himself to be Virgin on Indian Territory) but at present, it is only “Sleep More” for him. Hmmm, but he has never been to any foreign land…excluding Nepal,…Nahh…he would have never ever dared to do what we all are thinking in Nepal…

Wait a second; he had been to Dubai…hmmm-naughty CB …now your statement makes some sense, let it be Indian Sub-Continent.

By the way why I am discussing about CB and his ESS. Let us get back to where we started.
That annoying alarm and irritated CB, made that day a smashing hit for Sandy & me.

Place: Vadodara - Halol Highway
Date: 15/05/2011
Day: Sunday
Time: 0530 Hrs

Exactly after an hour, along with Sandy, we were on our way to Champaner & Pavagadh.

Some background of the mentioned location (Source: Wikipedia)

Champaner is a historical city in the state of Gujarat, in western India, located in Panchmahal district, 47 kilometres from the city of Vadodara. The city was briefly the capital of Gujarat. Vanraj Chavda, one of the most prominent kings of the Chavda Dynasty founded Champaner, in the 8th century. He named it after the name of his friend and general Champa, also known later as Champaraj.

Pavagadh is a Hill Station, and a Municipality in Panchmahal district about 46 kilometres away from Vadodara in Gujarat state in western India. It is known for a famous Mahakali temple that draws thousands of pilgrims every day. Pavagadh has total height of 822 meters and you can find many scenic trails to climb including waterfalls during monsoon time.”

Stillness prevailed on the Vadodara – Halol Highway when unexpectedly, something passed by leaving the dead dry weed/leaves floating high up in the air…I looked back, with a smile full of pride to see the disturbance created…by the speed & power of travelling @…We were racing…racing for a journey of the month…

We were speeding towards the destination; as if we were on covert operation, responsible for the successful completion of Mission Pavagadh & Champaner. The history and the importance of the location made the journey full of daydreams (dawn dreams). There was an excitement of witnessing and making a date with history. The speeding bike resulted & acted as a trigger point for adrenaline to rush through spine and create a sense of lightness in the body.

Despite it being his sixth visit to Champaner and Pavagadh, there was same level of enthusiasm in Sandy as that of mine. Sandy is a wanderer, a person who loves to roam around and who loves to visit/discover new places.

We had, Kodak C143, 12 MP camera to capture the moment where the past meets future. A camera is dead when battery is low/dead. Until date, I have never ever seen Camera whose operation has been frozen (Suspended) due to low battery power. In case of low battery, the camera should shut down (may not switch on) but in our case, the camera refused to shut itself down. The lens refused to enter the slot while there was no display on the LCD. We desperately entered Halol city in search of battery, despite Sandy, reiterating the fact, that it was morning 0630 Hrs and no shop will be open which keeps alkaline battery at this moment of time. Guess what…we found alkaline battery in a General Store (Kirana Store), this is truly India.

We entered Champaner, through the massive entry gate, which give us the same feeling of entering the city on elephant like Maharajas. Now it was time for some photo session.

The capital city of Gujarat, once upon a time lies in ruins today. Though the monuments are, protect but you still find the negligence of Indians on every corner of the historic capital city.

After visiting the city, we left for Pavagadh, the temple of Goddess MahaKali. There are two ways to reach the temple: First by Cable Car (Udan Khatola) & second by staircase. We (Sandy) decided that we will be going via staircase, but he requested to have breakfast before the climb started.

We started our journey 0800 Hrs, after knee wrenching climb consisting 1822 (+) staircases we were left with only sweet smell of hard work put in to meet the goddess Mahakali. Along with this famous temple, there were few Jain temple of at the hilltop, that were rarely visited. The view from the top was overwhelming enough, which could easily open the doors of imagination for painter/poet/writer. The view from the brink gave feeling of fear and joy simultaneously. Fear of death upon fall and Feeling of joy for being on the top.

Note: Also, like to wish the following people a very Happy Birthday on behalf of "L&F"

Kudilal Seksaria – 19 May
Gikesh Nair – 20 May
Archana Shah – 25 May
Suresh Singhi – 30 May