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Corporate Culture – I

posted 24 Nov 2011, 02:23 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:41 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

In past two months of 2011, BIIB (batch 2008 - 2010) have experienced one year in this corporate world.

“Each one of you will be a Corporate Dog” – Mr. Dilip Bam

Above statement was tough to accept at that time of Induction but after one year the statement stands true and firm like Mount Everest.

Yes, it is true more you wag your tail more noticed/famous you are. It matters to none that you are efficient employee; in corporate world, only thing that matters is how well you pamper your seniors EGO.

Sample size of 70 people was enough to come to following conclusion about Indian Corporate Culture:

1) More you pamper your Seniors EGO, faster you grow in organization chart.

2) Inefficiency (Inefficient Employee) is considered an asset while Efficiency (Efficient Employees) is considered liability.

3)  If you leave office on time, means you have no work to do, you being paid for doing nothing.  

4) If you reach office early, nobody will question you in case if you leave early, you will be roasted.

5) Staying late and working late is thought to be hardworking nature while reaching office early (so that you leave office on time) is considered a foolish act.

6) Actually, Office is a playground for politicians (employees).

7) The senior people do not want any dextrous employees; they actually want Jack/Jenny with qualities of three monkeys as preached by Late. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

8) The moment you speak against management; be it regarding Tea, AC, or computer you have become a demanding employee.

9) You have to justify & prove your salary after doing all the work for your senior.

10) All fresher are Dogs round the year because their senior can kick them whenever and wherever they want.

11) Once you are in a corporate world everything incl. your life is owned by company you work for. There is nothing called personal or professional life. Your family, your health means nothing to the firm.

12) Attrition rate has no effect on company. Instead of giving you a proper hike, they will get new one while bearing additional indirect expense.

13) Companies prefer to pay useless employees relatively higher than that of worthy candidate.

14) You are thrashed even if you approach your senior and even if you do not.

15) Management preaches teamwork, but the moment you built a team, management will come up with a concept of no union/grouping/biasing, etc.

16) If your boss has characteristics of Ghajini, you are held responsible for that too.

Hmmm…have more to share, but wait for next time. Will be back soon with part two of Corporate Culture.