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Crazy Day...

posted 24 Nov 2011, 04:00 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:37 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

Hmmm… just thinking was it the right time to leave your dream girl in world of dreams. Was it the right time to wake up and dress up for the gym. Which was better well-chiselled torso (real world) or a kiss from your dream girl in the dreamland? Both unrealistic and impossible to achieve who should I choose. 

Nothing was as per planning… It was 04:45 am in the morning; soul was still in the dream and eyes on ever-increasing tummy. Soul paused in dreamy dream and eyes fought W. Hudson fear. 

In deep anguish (departing from dream girl), upright on cot, was still dazed and enchanted by her beauty. The only thought in mind, “Wish I have not joined Gym.” 

Joining fee of 1,500 rupees also tempted the brain to harness some benefit (three pack to six-pack) or at least use all the equipments. By 05:30 am, this Romeo left for gym. 

“You must jog to gym (helps burn fat and reduces cholesterol) was the advice and advise by gym instructor, else choose 2,500 rupees plan where you will have to run on treadmill (bloody why to pay 1000 bucks extra for running in a room, I do it free at home). 

Day started on a sweet but weird note and to utter surprise, found self-chased by street dogs. 

Doubt: For past 2 week I have been jogging to Gym at the same time and on same route, why such a cold reception today. 

Answer lies in the end. 

Though the gym was hardly a kilometre from residence but this morning it felt like, it was far, far, and very far away. 

A life threatening chase by the dogs and an encounter by a group of most dangerous animal (aged herd) in this world…though social, it displays no social favours if it has suspicion on you. 

Situation: Guy in half pant and t- shirt chased by dogs - early in morning…
Question : whom will you doubt Dogs or the guy...? 

I managed to save the bum from dog bites (indirectly from injection) as well as from those social animal wraths. I reached the main gate of the gym (bathed in sweat) very far from dream girl, found the door locked. 

Bit amused over the way day started, stunned and frustrated over the gym being closed, my eyes rolled over the Gym Hoarding and timing. 

What I read, only made me laugh aloud - “Sunday Closed.” 

Dogs not used to disturbances on weekend – Sunday, bloody I was disturbing their snooze time, the only reason why they planned to chase me down. 

At that moment, I had lost my dream girl (also lost at least few grams of fat) but did not get a torso as desired. 

At the end I decided to walk back home and try my best to have one more meeting with the dream girl but what to do it keeps on changing. It was though difficult to find the same one but “Try, Try until you die” is the motto of life. 

Hmm…you might be thinking if the beginning was such then what would be the end … Don’t worry guys it was normal and nothing such weird happened rest of the day as I planned to stay inside far, far away from real world. 

Have a good weekend my friends…love you all take care.