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Dreams & Job

posted 24 Nov 2011, 04:06 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 02:45 ]
Author: Gikesh Nair

Mr. Gikesh Nair needs no introduction, his views and post about  "Life & Friendship" on is one of the most read and popular posts on L&F. He is here again with his thoughts, views and experiences on above mentioned topic. I know you will like the same. It is not an article, its a journey from childhood dreams to present job.

So here you go dear readers: 

Life as an entity starts out in quite a simple way. From a very early stage every individual starts a process known as dreaming. Now dreams are certain chemical reactions happening in the brain which gives out certain outcomes which are surreal. In simple understandable language they are minds projection of things which we know and either want to happen or don’t (nightmares).

Now what does dream has to do with job and its implications would be the most obvious question.

Job starts out as a dream but usually ends up being a reality dreamt by others with compromise being the adhesive which binds this dream with reality. As individuals all of us start out in life as kids, and as kids all of us dream of doing something or the other when we grow up. This might range from a profession that at that age makes perfect sense. 

All of them need money as from a very young age we know its powers (it buys chocolates, sweets, toys phew!!!!!) and hence dreams are to earn a lot of it in the most flamboyant way (like Amitabh, Sachin, Rajan uncle our rich neighbour etc). It can be anyone and anyhow but with loads of money. Thus dreams leads to a wish to earn money make life simple and happy hence a job... 

The importance of this increases at the very next stage of life, the eternal beginning of the never ending rat race, “School”, where young minds are moulded with the intention of being first among their peers. At this stage a bug is planted in these young minds that if you need money and the life you dreamt of, win this rat race, this being the most important thing in your life, go for it or be prepared to kill your dreams. Effectively what this does is gives rise to a dream of winning this race and reach to your dream, your job. So now we have dreamy eyed individuals with dreams that have transformed unknowingly!

The next phase college comes with a very important message “Go with the flow”. Here all dreams are changed to very specific preference of profession. So all the actors, entrepreneurs and others are moulded into engineers who have to get selected by a big software firm (doesn’t matter if you are a civil engineer, get selected when TCS comes for campus !!!!!!!!!!) or doctors.

All our flamboyant dreams are streamlined into safer bets, which give assured job, which are boastful at a social event, improves the rates and stocks in the marriage market etc, anything but what you may personally want. PG follows the same suit, only changes are here we are more fixed on what we become (Electronics chip designer may sell vehicles or look after human resource (MBA)....good going)

After all this procedure of studying we come to job, eyes filled with confidence, driven by childhood dreams (modified enroute J), to the palaces (workstation, cabin, cubicle etc as u prefer) to reign the kingdom and be the future kings of the urban jungle, and at the very instance a shock awaits.

After around six months we know that how, what we were doing/ working is different from what we had always dreamt of. The moment changes our outlook towards life, the way we see relations, the way how we live our life. Compromises take priority as we compromise the love in our life for money, we compromise friends, family, time for self, time to enjoy when we can, all for that extra money to fulfil our “Modified” dreams. All in pursuit of the biggest farce in life “Money gives pleasure” (realization comes late though), but yes money does not actually give all the pleasure. Money does not make any sense unless it can buy freedom/happiness (not philosophical, I do know we need money to live, but weirdly this is real). Think about it, all dreams we ever see in life asks for happiness. Money is the solution we find for this but does it help???

On a personal level the answer to the above question came with a job (and hence the title). The culmination of all our dreams, all important things end/start with a job and the first experience of the fact that “money is not the most important thing in life, peace of mind is”. Job changes life(which itself is a period of continual change) and the outlook towards it as this is one of the more significant changes in our individual lives. Job actually gives rise to another dream, mostly one of our last ones to either be better at the job or to change the job, but most importantly changes our outlook towards life as an entity. This point decides what you want from life and this decision rules the rest of your life.

So a dream is brought to its penultimate level of actual realization (reality in short) when you join the corporate world, when you actually start to work. The situation is more like a Stud (race horse). They look wonderful and are well fed, are taken care of but loose the freedom of being wild and free forever. Horses don’t have an option we happily do.

It’s all dependent on how well you accept your compromises. Accepting is the tip of an iceberg, what follows later is another long dream that we finally get to live.