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Forgotten Friend

posted 24 Nov 2011, 03:59 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 30 Dec 2011, 08:54 by olnf Admin ]
Author: YRUS!

Social Networking, across the globe was like a revolution, connecting millions of people, in a virtual world named Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, twitter….list will go on and on.

These social networking sites enabled us to unite with our closed one, loved ones and most importantly, our best friends of life.

These site gave us an immense amount of joy / happiness when someone (your childhood friend), whom you hardly remember “Adds you as a friend.” The feeling of being associated is overwhelming but what about the feeling that the person experiences when you make queries like who are you? Sorry from where? Do I know you?

You might just be trying to remember the friend of yours from distant past but the internal turmoil of feeling and faith that your friend face are depicted in the poem by YRUS!

Forgotten Friend

How I tried to find a friend in you,
It was like pearl shaped dew,
Which vaporized with the rising sun,
Making void the so seemed fun.

You stressed your brain cells,
Trying to find the loose end,
Yet failed to remember
Your childhood FRIEND.

You tried all wild guesses
Asking people here and there
When you failed, I asked myself-
Did you even care?

You promised me to lend a shoulder
Whenever I cried
You promised to walk with me
In every stride

You promised to hug me
If I ever felt awkward
However, what I learnt was sad-
That I am not even remembered.

Now it hurts , to know
That I am just a forgotten friend,
Whom you once promised-
“I’ll remember you till the end.”

All you friends are same
Making fake promises in the air
Now I know, you lied every time
Saying- “Dear Friend, I Care!”

After this incident
My life is just a void
I am here with
No expressions to hide…
Written by the pen of YRUS!

Thank you YRUS for such a lovely poem. We will be waiting for more contribution from you every month.
Dear readers I hope you all might have enjoyed the same and request you to be in touch with your dearest friends.

Happy Navratri...Happy Dashain