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In Your Name (तेरे नाम)...

posted 10 Apr 2013, 10:00 by olnf Admin   [ updated 26 May 2013, 06:38 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

What the hell is going on with “olnf”????

Are we still on Air or our flight just crashed...

Believe me none of these statement are true...only truth is that it’s founder got married, Technical advisor is busy with his educational endeavors, rest all other contributors are having stressed out work lives.

You can’t blame my better half for keeping me away from “olnf” as she herself is on her internship & training session to be a good wife from her Mother In Law for next few months...

Ya, you heard me right, she is on her training session...that is a probation period of 12 months...bad news is that there is no option for new recruitment (just kidding).

Here under I have a small poem dedicated to her titled as

“तेरे नाम"

तेरे साथ से जिंदगी,

हुई है रोशन,

सुनसान पड़ी राह पर,

आया हो भीड़ का मौसम,

अकेले दौड़ रहे इंसान को,

मिला है खुबसूरत साथी,

किताबो को छोड़,

पढ़ी आँखों में लिखी बातें,

तेरे मुस्कान में हो,

जन्नत की सौगाते,

दिन भर की थक्कन, परेशानीया

चुटकियो में गायब कर जाते,

दूर होते हुए भी, पास हो आजाते,

याद है वो तेरा रूठना ,

हवाई अड्डे पे चुपके से रोना,

दिल पे रख पत्थर,

मेरा तेरे से दूर जाना,

ओस की बूंदों का आँखों से गिरना,

और गिरते हुए यह कह जाना,

तेरे नाम...

I hope you might have enjoyed it...

Anyway, I am sorry to announce that, we as “olnf” have failed to meet our target of 150 interesting post in last financial year.

Anyway there is no point of playing blame game. We will try to perform better this year.

We have failed to deliver so many promises...but this year we will at least try to deliver some.

Lets write, share & Experience On L&F...

Founder - olnf