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I Was Wondering - Part I

posted 27 Jun 2012, 18:41 by olnf Admin   [ updated 27 Jun 2012, 18:42 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

I was wondering, despite having the same repetitive routine throughout different phases/stages of life, what forces humans (yes!!! incl. me) to move along for such a long life.

At 27 (28 running for those who are jealous of my age), I try here to illustrate/demonstrate/reason what motivated me to move along for such a long time without giving up:


I too was an underdog, who aspired to be a topper one day. One who woke up at 4 in the morning to fight the competition and be in elite club of 90%+.

It was my aim/goal...It kept me moving for the 12 years of education. Every day was a preparation, to be the best at the end of school life.

School life can be rechristened as a comparative life.  Your percentage, dressing sense, eating habits, social life, life at the playground...everything was compared with your friends, close cousins, distant cousins (whoever and whatever that could be listed at that time).

I underperformed in both boards (X & XII)...It was an “AVERAGE” relative, friends reiterated (until some relatively hotter topic took over).

Tough time huh!!!

You had the best of best friends, with whom you competed, just like the sea (friendly yet dangerous). But one thing which I conclude, that your friends were, are and will be the greatest motivators... (Even more so than your own relatives)

Truly said, “When God failed to tie/bind few people by blood...he united them with a relation even more stronger...called friendship”

Girls also used to be a great motivation factor, quite odd but you and your best buddy trying to impress the same girl... (Hmmm interesting... score more runs...sprint faster...copy Michael Jackson...sing like nightingale...). For those who are good for nothing (like me), do complete your assignment on time...beauties will surely entertain you...

(Statutory Warning: Bookworms be careful from those ultra handsome and bullies interested in those have a copyright of your assignments)

You start your life dreaming to be an invincible superhero with Superman’s strength, Spiderman’s flexibility, Batman’s gadgets...but guess what at the end you are confused over the subject science or commerce and later to be or not to be “Engineer, Doctor, C.A...list goes on”

To be continued...