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I Was Wondering - Part II

posted 19 Jul 2012, 08:48 by olnf Admin
Author: Suparas Singhi

We commence our daily activity with “I wish it to be...” and end with “I wanted it to be...”

1) I wish to be “SUPERMAN”...this was my first career option but realised that wearing red underwear over your pants and red cape on your shoulders, does not provide sufficient thrust velocity to overcome gravity and still be in atmosphere.

(Jumping off from cupboard, with towel around my neck...sorry to say I never got chance to experiment with red underpants... maybe that’s the reason I failed to be Superman)

2) I wish to be “Police Inspector”...this was my second career option. Inspired by many bollywood movies where the hero used to be an ethical, loyal and powerful police inspector...I too was a hero of my life and wanted to be a police inspector...

The twist:

Maybe before landing on earth, I agreed to disagree with almighty God, as a result he made me special in my entire family... a gift from him which I carry with myself till today (Instead of 20, I was born with 18...).

One extra thumb made Hrithik Roshan what he is today and two less made me what I am today...God please keep in mind extra is always welcome but don’t deprive someone. I failed again...

3) I wish to be “Theoretical Physicist” third and longest running career option. My belief in Sir Stephen William Hawkins and hard work will pave a long prosperous career, was my friends & teachers view.

Confidence super boosted with 98 marks in my XI standard. (Yahooooo)

The twist:

I wished to be the highest scorer (Physics) in boards but this time God agreed to disagree with me...

December 2003 (3 months prior to Boards), God gifted me with prolapsed disc on my birthday, which left me bedridden. (Lying on bed,  it’s bloody difficult to be attentive)

That Yahooooo inverted to oooooohhh yaa...Aarrr!!! Once XII board result was declared.

Parents super shocked and I was Rajinikant times shocked...

But everything that goes up in air needs to fall back be it a stone or ego or be it your confidence.

I failed again...

4) If you have ever been to the market, you will find so many vendors with same kind of vegetable/fruits, if you are interested in the quality; just bargain...Similar is the case with Engineers & Engineering Colleges.
The most attractive, shining fruit/vegetable is always limited in numbers and pretty heavy on pocket...just like IIT. While less appealing, decaying /smelling /rotten vegetables/fruits are always excessive in numbers, easily available at every nook and corner of the city.

(My college was neither attractive nor putrefying...It was one of the upcoming Engineering colleges in Nagpur)

Frankly speaking, I never wished to be an “Electronics Engineer” but this field chose me instead of me choosing it.

I wanted to be an Engineer for my parents and fared very well in the graduation. I was always in top 3 in Electronics Dept. with all bookish knowledge.

You know students with VBD & G4s (pass books) enjoyed life more than what I did. It’s not that they did badly in exam but the input was always equal to output (100% Efficiency).

Practicals were always carried out with one theme – “One performer, rest observer with Ctrl + C/V mindset. During exams those observers fared with flying colours where as performer’s marks failed to take off...

Who‘s the lucky one...the one who got grace marks!!!! (Hahahahahah....) In R.T.M.N.U...If you cleared your paper with grace are bloody damn lucky...

What’s the use of studying, when 3 years of partial or total devotion to the subject/discipline, everyone gone join the herd of campus placement/GRE/CAT/ATMA/SNAP...?

1) Everyone dreams of going for placement where IT Company recruits mechanical engineer or electrical engineer or electronics engineer and converts him a trained dog.
2) Everyone dreams of clearing GRE and going abroad.
3) Everyone dreams of getting into Ivy League management institutes to be manager.

Think why to study when you are not even sure of making your career in the field...Is it only for a degree???

Just because “Degree Attitude” we have millions of engineers (capable ones) lost in the crowd (which they thought was heading in right direction)...

College over you are your own dear...think before you follow the herd...

To be continued...