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Lazy Moron

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:14 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:53 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

The very first question that comes to my mind is “Why the hell my post on the blog is not increasing?”
The obvious answer is that I have been not writing these days.
So in order to satisfy my query why I have not been writing recently, my inner self questioned me on my commitment for the blog:

Q: Why are not writing these days Supu Dear?
A: I am bit busy nowadays.

Q: Why are you so busy nowadays?
A: I am in a job.

Q: But you are in a job from morning 0930 hrs to 1830hrs?
A: Yes….you are correct but I am busy and have to stay late in the office sometime.

Q: Sometimes? But what do you do when that “sometime” event do not occur?
A: I talk, chat, eat and sleep….

Q: Whom do you talk to? Your friends, don’t seems to be happy with the frequency of your call?
A: Hmmm…I call them once in a week…I call them….they always forgets…this fact that I call them…

Q: Hmm…not a satisfactory answer Supu? Do you chat?
A: Yes I do…

Q: If you are online, then why don’t you publish something on your blog?
A: I don’t have time to think and write.

Q: That means your mind is pre-occupied by something else?
A: Hmmm…no…may be…I don’t know.

Q: Lets share your thoughts?
A: Hmmm…I don’t know

Q: You are simply being lazy….You recently got your laptop fixed for Rs. 3.5 K. So are you satisfied with the service?
A: Hmmm…

Q: Bullshit you don’t have an answer for this also? Why?
A: Hehhehe I have been using CBz and Sandy’s Laptop…Its very tedious job to pull out laptop from bag, switch it on, enter password….I feel happier and relaxed when using their laptop.

Q: You are the laziest moron I have ever known?
A: I AM not lazy…I am hardworking…Fit and fine …

Q: Oh!!!…You are right..You are fit and fine….with that tummy bulging out?
A: I am working out..Will be fit in few days…

Q: So finally you have started with some sort of exercise and work outs…good?
A: Hmmm!!!!….no…I am still planning to do so…

Interviewer: The only reason why you have not been publishing the post is your “Laziness”. Supu stop your useless baseless reasons and start writing. So what have you decided?

A: I agree with you yaar…I think after getting this job I have turned out to be a lazy guy…I promise to publish 7 posts to meet my yearly target of 12…

So friends enjoy this stupid self conversation of mine and get ready for my pending post yet to be published:
BBPT series
Goa Trip
Summer Internship
Placement Season….and many more….will try my best to meet my target and also over perform…
Thank you guys for being patience and waiting for my post…hope you will enjoy it…
Last but not the least…I will like to congratulate Kalpesh Saraf and Neha Shah (Bhabi) for getting engaged.
I wish both of them a very happy married life in advance.