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Life Time Memories I

posted 19 Nov 2011, 00:51 by olnf Admin   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:56 by Sudeep Jaiswal ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

Looking back on time scale(year 2004), I see myself as student of D.A.V. Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharti, eagerly waiting for 12th standard board exam result, which will qualify me to enter into the new world away from guidance of teachers and protection of parents and guardians.

Result was horrible, although I scored 71 %( average) but was not satisfied because I always wanted to be like my elder bro Dharmesh, smart like him, intelligent like him.

I copied him in every aspect of my life, to be like him but in 12th standard I realized, we two have different personality. I’m here to be only Suparas, not to be copy of someone else….with this view & thought in mind I entered the new world Nagpur….

I was placed in Nagpur (orange city), center of India, and a place where I was destined to continue my further studies in the field of engineering…Electronics Engg.

Nagpur, where my Sister and Brother in law (JiJa Ji) were destined to be my local guardian(LG) for next 4 years.

The first problem faced by the outsiders i.e. students from other states is the homesickness. If you are away from your family for the first time this will be common phenomena.

But I had a cure for this because with me was my best foe of my school life (10+2) both from same school, same place...enter Chaturbhuj Bansal in my life as friend in disguise, a misguide in a guide, a cartoon in a serious character box. With him around life was bit simple and easy for 1st year in college.

1st year was tough, tough in the sense that it took me one year to socialize with the fellow students. It took me 12 months to make a good friend only 1 good friend in 1st year enters Kudilal ( Kudi)….Kudi a friend, a true friend, best friend, caring, helping friend. So was his family(joint family) caring warm and very supportive in nature. He was the first gem in my life as a friend.

I was hard core introvert…very bad socializing skills. Talking about life in hostel, it was hell. Seniors were big bullshit. Cheap character, they were donkeys that bray a lot and seriously need some treatment. They had attitude without knowledge. They were like gas balloons in the hand of child who don’t know their fate once they are made free in the vast sky…

Overall 1st year was not full of fun and masti…. My life and friendship started in 2nd year.

2nd year we shifted from hostel to flat near Pratap Nagar….Fl. No. 102, Seva Complex, Opposite Padole hospital. Here we refer to CB, GM and me.Second year starting was good, I found second gem of my life…enters Gikesh Nair (Giku)...Although we were in same section during 1st year...we hardly interacted with each other.

“If I were given a license to kill (one murder free), my target would be you” was the statement of Gikesh Nair. He hated me like hell in 1st year because of my rude behavior or so… He told me this once we became very good friend…with in a month time we turned out to be very good friends…

1st September 2005 was a black Saturday…it was day when Satan danced on fate of my friend Giku and Kudi…1st year result was out, Giku had to take one year drop and Kudi had three backlogs.

It was tough time for Giku, Kudi and me where we needed to support each other. This time period strengthened our friendship. This period turned Giku into a hard core pessimist but everything improved with time.

If this was not enough, Kudi met with an accident few months later but was safe and out of serious injuries…I thank god for keeping my precious gem safe and sound.

These two were the only incident that created negative effect in our lives but rest it was a year to remember and full of masti…starting the tradition of B’day celebration, bike riding on highway during winter in sleeveless(for this I will never forgive Giku)..Nagpur Darshan (sightseeing…I hope Giku remembers this), snacks at pakodewala (Telen khedi)...and many more.

Third year and final year resulted in finding one more gem. Enters Yogesh Gudepkar (Yogi)...Although he was senior of mine, he was down to earth, polite, punctual, and sincere in nature. He turned out to be a good friend of mine and final year project team member.

There was one funny incident regarding project and paper presentation at Mumbai (Will write about it some other day)...I sorry for that Yogi…

In the last two years Giku came to know about me, being a cook…he risked his life by declaring me as his cook for his small party at farm house…dinner at home when officially I was his LG..(that pav bhaji was good)….chow mein for snack( I hope he remember all these)..

To freshen up our mood we used to visit Giku’s farm house…the calm environment, beautiful garden and the river in the backyard was like icing on the cake... I enjoyed being there…

At present I miss those B’day parties without B’day bumps, bike ride near airport, visit to farm house, late night discussion near lake, visit to Ayappa temple, Dining out with friends without any occasions, Dal bati at Kudi’s home..Watching movie in the pretext of studying…..and many more…

I thank all those who in one way or the other touched my life and helped me realize importance of friends in Life…

I thank Giku, Kudi, CBz.., GM, Yogi, Ravi Kirti, Pande Ji, Rahul (Mangal), Sandy (thanks for laptop man) Bhave, Priyanka Didi, Vrushali...and many more…

Now you may ask what about CBz…I never considered him as my friend…I always considered him as my younger bro and he will remain so…at present both of us are in pune doing MBA but from different institute… We meet regularly and are in contact…

My philosophy about finding friend is that “the person destined to be your friend will come to you and will be your friend, a true valuable friend”...this is all about Life and Friendship…

On 10th may 2008, CBz...And I officially left Nagpur, on a new journey where new adventure awaits. With memories of Nagpur in our mind and heart we moved forward toward our destination Pune….

That’s all... Although few incidents have not been discussed but will be done in near future…some incident needs to be discussed to illustrate the importance of friendship in life …..Thank you….