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Life without Friends

posted 31 Dec 2011, 10:30 by olnf Admin   [ updated 2 Jan 2012, 00:37 ]

Author: Archana Shah

In case you have not gone through  “About” section of this site let me introduce Archana Shah to you once again.

Archana most popularly known as Archu/Archie in her friends circle. She is lucky to have lot many friends.She has the luck to befriend anyone she meets and wants.

She is a post graduate in marketing from Balaji Institute of International Business(BIIB), pune. I have known her for past 3 years and I tell you, it’s always fun to be around her.

She is the one who inspired me and forced me to write, as a result we are here, On L&F (olnf). L&F owes it’s very existence to her and will be thankfull to her, always.

During the end of our PG at BIIB, I came know about secret hobby. She used to write gujarati poems during her school as well as graduation days.

She didn’t agree to let me have the owner ship of that diary but today when she looks at the pace (though slow) with which we have grown in past 3 years. She lend me one small poem of her for L&F.

So, we starting 2012 with one of her poem in gujarati.

મિત્રો વિના જીવન.

“મિત્ર વિના આહી મને જરાય ગમતું નથી

મિત્ર હોય સાથે ત્યારે ક્યાય જવું ગમતું નથી,

મિત્ર વિના જાને સહેજ પણ સમજતું નથી,

બહુ રડી તારી યાદ માં આંસુ પણ પડતું નથી,

બહુ જોયા સપના તારા પણ સપનું સાંચુ પડતું નથી,

સંબંધી છે ગણા બધા પણ દિલ થી કોઈ સગું નથી,

મારવા પડી છુ છતાં હાલ કોઈ પૂછતું નથી,

મિત્રો કસમ તુજથી વધારે મને કોઈ વહાલું નથી ”

મિત્રો વિના ....જીવન

The meaning of the above poem is as under:

Lonley and all alone when friends are not around. In their presence, my heart stops wandering here and there. Easily understood task seems like Everest climb in their absence. Even tears have exhausted, dry eyes are missing their presence. Life was like a dream, while being with you all but it did not last long. I have many relatives but none of them are that close as you all are. I lie here on death bed but none of them bothers to care for me. Dear friends, god promise no one is as lovely and caring as you all are.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous year 2012...

Archana Shah
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