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Love - Series I

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:54 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:44 ]
Author: Gikesh Nair

Hello friends, 
This is Gikesh Nair (again) to help my friend in need (again). But this time there is a catch as the topic which is in question is quite a tricky one. The requisitioner (Monsieur Singhi) wants to tread on the very familiar but dangerous road of LOVE. Now as was the case of friendship I did give a disclaimer of being not familiar with the usual writing jargons and would instead stick to my path of writing what I think LOVE is.

The most difficult part of writing on such a topic is the starting trouble. Friendship is something easy, uncomplicated and always taken in a good sense, but love is not something similar. The similarity between love and friendship according to me ends with them being individual think frames.

Remember the part about friendship being unique because of the existence of uniqueness of thinking by the human race. Love also is a FEELING, that the mind generates and it entirely depends on the person in question on how he/she would like to express it. Now to get out of inertia and before we start with it another disclaimer of this story being a bit long, and having too many examples that are taken from true cases that I know. The names won’t be published for personal reasons.

Love can happen between two individuals or a group and unlike a popular concern it is much warmer and innocent feeling than what it is considered to be. Love is a never ending process and it starts from the day we are born. The first love of any person’s life is mother. Then there is the father, brother sisters (and all other relatives some of which become boring and no so lovable after we grow up). Then there is a love between friends which is different from the one with parents but still is strong. There is a love for the teacher that exists in every student. Most important is the love for oneself. Nearly all of us Love us but never tell that but it is true.

LOVE is, according to me a feeling that can be given sense only if it has a strong emotional backing to it. In other cases what is basically observed is another feeling called infatuation, which is often misinterpreted as love. This type of feeling is what we as normal people often equate with love.

But is it necessary, when a person loves someone why should there exist a sexist twist to it? As said above love is something very true, warm and innocent. Why should it be given a sexual or physical overdose? This is something that really annoys me and hence has been mentioned.

Now lets take an example of a boy who loved a girl. Now as said it is the boy who loved her and not the other way around. The girl never gave such a thought and the boy never told his love to her. Now a public opinion (peer analysis) led to the conclusion that if it is not two-sided then it is not love.

But is this true? When you love someone do you really want them to love you? In business terms any investment without a ROI (return on investment) would be termed as a bad investment. But is love or the person in question a commodity to be calculated using the business Jargons. Why can’t the boy just love the girl and that’s it. Why should there be a licensing authority to certify love?

Too many questions but these are something’s I wanted to ask. Now something I want to tell. Love is the most mis-interpreted feelings of all. As individuals differ so do their thinking and their take on what love is. Love for different people is different things. It’s a feeling of being on top of the world for Yash-Raj addicts, it is something that should ideally exist between a couple who want to live together for the practical thinkers but mostly it is a confused state of mind which does not convey the right feeling (for the commoners).

Now this can happen in various ways for example on the first day of college you see a girl talk to her and find her interesting. You spend time with her and generate a kind of feeling that you have never experienced before. This can be considered as being infatuated or just in the process of loving often confused as love itself. As time passes you know the person and often know how you cannot adjust with them and that’s the end of the love story.

But some cross this stage and after spending some time get to know more about the person, understands them and most importantly gives time to study them and then comes to a decision of being in love. This is something what i think would be a good time to consider yourself to be in love as you have come to a decision only after analysing all the possibilities. But most of the time this is not the case.

An example of this is of a person who before loving checked the religious compatibility, then checked the geographical compatibility. After both the conditions were satisfied gave a thought about loving that person, hardly knowing anything else. Compatibility is something which is very much the most important thing but if anyone checks these many conditions then it is not love.

This is checking the criteria set by the society on what a person is expected to expect and then based on it we dream. There is an even weirder example that of love at first sight. There may be many who advocate this but I strongly disagree. How can a person fall in love at the very first sight. In this case what did you love? Face, personality, physical features....these are the only things you know on your first appearance.

Another problem faced by certain people who are deeply in love is about supporting the person they love. The problem is not when you become a hand that wipes the tears, a shoulder that supports the pain, an ear that listens carefully. Those are some of the things which each and every person, who is in love, should do and must do. The problem arises when the love is for these parts, not the person in whole.

Whenever there is a problem people come to these body parts for support and after it forget the whole body, the whole person and go away. Utilizing the service these parts give and forgetting the heart that generates them. Quite funny but this happens.

Hence this may explain some of the normal perceptions about love. This excerpt of hardly 1200 words is not sufficient to explain the whole funda but this can be seen as a start of something that may follow, may be by a new writer, to give new edge, new ideas, something unknown to all of us. So let’s wait and watch. It’s an open forum, increase our knowledge and let some light on this topic. Let’s get different perceptions on a single thing and try to understand the ocean of facts that this is.......LOVE.

PS: Some/all of the examples used in this article are intentional and can be felt by the people who read this. Everything is to be taken in fun but thought seriously.

[At last finally after, a month wait, you came up with this article...Thank you, Mr. Gikesh Nair, we will be waiting for the second part...I know every word of yours is special and has meaning in it. Thanks a lot for taking time out and writing it for this blog.

I hope readers must have enjoyed this post a lot. I hope to see some more articles from Gikesh and my friends.]