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March Ending

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:44 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:47 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

March, the month of meeting sales targets, sleepless night, tension, fear of pink/blue/red slip (whichever is your colour), thrashing from boss (office & at home), those entire stupid question why? When? How?(W.r.t. job and evaluation of performance), tension of divorce (for married ones) & breakup (for committed ones), staying late at night in a hope to be at home on  time tomorrow (a big myth) but when one task is done the other one is ready hovering around you as if you are the only one working in the office.

Seriously, if you look at this part of life, you will wish that you had never grown up. When we were kids, we wished to be grownup so that we have freedom, money but when we finally grow up, we (esp. I) wish, God please give me back those year where I was innocent child. Every night, I pray to god, “Please God give me back my last Six year of College Life, the time I had spent in Nagpur & Pune, give me a chance to re-live those precious moments of my life… I sleep with a hope that the next very day I will wake up as a student of GHRCE/ BIIB (whichever God Likes)…but the fact is it’s a hope against hopen, which  will never come true now…those years have passed leaving behind the sweet memories, which I will cherish throughout my life.

You might be thinking why I am being so nostalgic.

For 3 days (20th – 23rd March) I was there in pune, the city which gave me those most memorable 2 years of Post-Graduation. The city, I fell in love with at the end of my PG tenure. I miss all those (730-731) days, the time that made me do that which I have never thought of like dancing, acting, poems, blog, sketching, etc. Pune, made me realize what I am capable of doing.

My admission to PGDM saw recession hitting the market, layoff notices everywhere, seniors struggling for life, tension of Education loan and list went on, the year was bad and situation worsened over period. I was new to Pune, no new friends except Vishal Kothari, who in every alternate sentence used slang ranging from A to Z. This period saw, a change in my behaviour, nature, the calm, cool, peaceful Suparas of B.E. became very aggressive and repulsive. I was away from my best friends Gikesh, Kudi and Cbz.

Being an introvert worsened my situation, but not too long…Sandip and Saurav arrived to pune for PG and stayed with me (Thank you very much Dhoremon). They did 56 Kms back and forth daily and I am very thankful to them for their decision of staying with me in the Jungle. Time passed by and regular introduction in the class helped me gain few more friends in college namely Hanuman Tripathi, Sulabh Shrivastav, Nozer Khambatta along with Vishal. 3 months continuous capital punishment to Vishal Kothari made him normal, he spoke hardly any slang now. Sulabh’s roommate called us Gang of Boys. Hanuman was very possessive about his friends esp. me (pls. do not think anything wild), he is a true friend who will do anything for his loved ones. He is now happily married and best wishes for him & best of luck for his future.

Soon, a female member named Archana Shah entered this gang; Gang of Boys was now no more. It was now gang of Archana. As the session moved on, life also moved on…all six of us were happy and always each other side. We were always one group for every assignment and every hangout (hardly done).

Jaya Shukla made entry to my life a movie crazy gal. Since I supplied movie from Cbz to my group, I became famous as a movie supplier among Jaya’s Group. I will sum up about her that she took care of my need for notes, books, and lecture for next 18 months. She became my caretaker and my best friend and my sis.

Next entry was of Neha Shah (my Bhabi), I am her devar (brother in law)…She didn’t change anything in my life but She and Jaya made me realize that I don’t need to change, I am good as I was…I have received a lot of respect from her and Jaya. I never had guts to call her Bhabi in front of whole class but she had guts to call me her devar in front of all...Thank you Bhabi (Kalpesh you are free with Bhabi, so I will not mention about you). Kalpesh and Neha got married last year on 15 Dec. Kalpesh have a very dangerous sense of humour that can outwit anyone of any order.

Rucha, who made me wash dishes on the eve of swine flu break after Dinner, even today wants me to clean the dishes so that they can shine again. She is what, that nobody can dare to be. She is very strict on diet but over weight, she is much disciplined in personal life but broke every rule of SBS. She is just out of this world.

For the first time in my life, I had so many friends, and I am very bad in managing human resources. I know it had happened and I have angered many of them but it was not intentional or deliberate attempt to hurt anyone. Giving and taking care of 20 odd people is a tough task, for me my friends have same priority in my life. Lastly, I miss my good old days of PG; I miss you all.

I have never planned March ending post to be like this, at the end it might not mean anything for you. I am frustrated, confused, irritated and do not know what else.

“I am missing myself & I am missing my life.”