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MCB & Me

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:34 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:49 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

Inspired by “Marley & Me”, I am here with experiences that I had with CBz in last 7 yrs of our friendship.

Please don’t…MCB is not my pet.

MCB stands for Master Chaturbhuj Bansal (MCB – Main Circuit Board)

He is my roommate, friend (more like a brother), guide…nah not a guide but a perfect mis-guide, supporter (but also the one who stabs me whenever he gets an opportunity), he is just friend from different world.
We were in same school (D.A.V), same college (G.H.R.C.E.) but had different college for post graduation but in same city at a distance of 3 kms and now in same company.

Sometime I think that we both have different nature then why the hell we have such a good friendship. The time reason in the following manner:

Accident 1: Library

Despite knowing the fact I was the one who complained about his illegal activities in library (restricted from library for 2 months), every time he used to come to me for Pradeep’s Physics book, physics practical journal, math notes and rest of the studies related topics.

Accident 2: Math

I hated him like nothing for his genius in mathematics and he being a SLC pass out. Despite knowing this he used to talk to me for his work (Sala beshram kahika).

Accident 3: Physics

He always remained silent. He tore my physics book and never admitted it when I cornered him. He poured tea on my physics practical journal, dried it and returned it to me (silently with thanks). By the time I noticed it was too late and someone else got scolding the next day.

Accident 4: College
All because of his efforts and guidance, I never got a chance to say sorry to KJ.
He had crush on gals looking like rabbit (1st year), monkey (2nd & 3rd year) and camel (Time coaching) top of that all were Sharma.
Because of his Monkey, I was slapped 3 times and he just kept looking and sayings please don’t slap him.(Only 2 guys (CB and me) knew about this incidence, now you all)
 For Camel, he pleaded to me like anything for letting him drive Wave but I didn’t let him touch it….hahahaha that was fun.
 During Exam esp. maths he used to hide sums which he used to practice and after exam, used to taunt me…Why didn’t you practice this sum???
He has scored highest mark in every subject in which I was good at and he used to laugh at my score.
Whenever we had a quarrel, silence used to last for month or so and after that I used to beat him black and blue till he apologized to me.
For Mock CAT, we used to prepare how to get out of the exam hall as early as possible, so that we can enjoy the Sunday.
Accident 5: Pune

BIIB and NIA being at a distance of 4 kms from each other, in the whole 2 yrs of MBA he never visited me where as he used to ask me to pay him a visit every week/month.
He visited me, only to keep his luggage after his MBA was over. Please note that the luggage (3 bags) was brought to my room not by him, but by me. 

Despite having such different nature, behavior and habits we are friends forever. We support each other, help each other and guide each other. I will like to drive two points to you all that:

No one is perfect in this world, we all make mistake and friends are the only one who will forget all your mistakes when no one else in the world will.
Don’t lose your School and College friends; you will need them throughout your life. You will only get seniors and juniors in corporate life.

That’s all for this year’s first post. So welcome 2011 and happy new year everyone.