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Message from Co-Founder

posted 31 Dec 2011, 09:44 by olnf Admin   [ updated 31 Dec 2011, 10:20 ]

Another new year.

As we all gather together, we can see another new year bloom, another year that would fill ourselves with all that we have missed the previous, another year that many say is the last for this earth, but that aside this is another year as the previous many, just to tell us that hope exists. The above statement does not make much sense does it?

Each year as previous many we make resolutions and abandon them half way through. The main reason for this being that we know of another year to come, in which we hope to continue with new resolution.

This again can be mainly attributed to the fact that we have a shift in interests, priorities as we move ahead, as we grow and grow we do. So in short we are weak humans who survive on hope, which in itself is strong. So are we going through a boring lecture of what we are and what we do?

No. This was a thought that came to my mind when I started to write, and I wrote this, because its my liberty to do so, as per the rules of this site. To express whatever we want to however we want. This is no write up of hope, but an insight of L&F. HOPE!

We started of with a blog site, quite personal for individual use, it expanded from a brainwave to accommodate more people from a known circle to write more, get a variety, share thoughts etc, but now it has become a full blown site, with a pretty home page and all the other pages (good work Sudeep).

Endless nights of discussion mainly between Suparas and Sudeep are the backbone to this new site. Much effort was put to import old data's, prep up new images, give mail ids and boy has this paid off. There is a new gossip column which are getting quite interesting topics. Now we have got a respectable amount of first time visitors, showing expansion in a gradual way.

So is this an annual report? Well my guess is as good as yours, all annual report start off good, gives the facts and figures and ends with hope (better growth the next fiscal, more projects, better R&D blah blah) So after a start and a midway let’s put hope.

We hope this year to attract more people, putting more interesting articles, to encourage YOU to write in and enjoy reading what your friends think. All this is pure hope and conversion to reality is up to all of you.

Happy New Year to All...

GIkesh Nair

(Keep writing, keep sharing & keep experiencing On L&F)