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Money My God

posted 29 Sep 2013, 05:02 by olnf Admin

Author: Gikesh Nair

Many say, that it’s futile to run after money, money does not give any pleasure, it robs away your life and lives to repent on the mistake that you have done, on running after it. Many say that money is the source of all evil and a vice that man has created, which would bring the world to end. Money they say creates war and barters peace, it is the source of all evil and the reason why man betrays his own kind, money, they say should not matter in life, there are many other things that do. Bullshit to all of that!!!!!

People say money is a vice and still shamelessly run after it their whole lives, education system teaches the young soul that it is money that this education gives you, a kind of investment with good returns. As children we are forced to study, to be knowledgeable, to earn knowledge etc. Ever wondered for what, I don't believe that was done to chose a life of penance, that is done with the sole motive to earn money, the better the studies, college, the more the money. All this for a simple reason, that now a day's money buys everything, from peace of mind, to friends, to relatives, to power. It is the sole religion that the whole world follows and the sole purpose that the world still survives. it is the best religion that is common to all divided only by the quantity one has of it.

An example, there are many people who die of hunger, natural causes, diseases (curable), and what can save them from this evil fate, oh our ever vice money. If you are hungry, it’s true you need food, but what buys food, it’s money. Education gives you knowledge, it makes you smart, it gives you a certain respectable position in life, it says that you are a graduate or a post graduate but even then, what counts is that if you make enough money, without it, the huge farce, that the education market has become nowadays is nothing, a big zero, of zilch use.

Money runs the world, only the richest of the countries across the would survive with all the riches, the poor countries are forced to toil, the rich have always ruled the poor, and whatever popular culture would tell people, that on the judgement day the rich and poor have no difference, that still would be debatable, because when the poor die a horrible death it's his karma, and when a rich dies his easy expensive heath, it's the karma he earns. Even gods are judged by the money spent on the beautifying his place of abode. The richer the places, the richer the god, the more the followers. So has money brought god, or just his followers. Anyway, according to me, money should be made the universal religion, gods are the currencies and people are those stupid who would toil their life to earn the blessings. The truth is that we live this lie but will always deny to acknowledge the same.

All those who rant about money, either have tons of it, or are unaffected by its fluctuations, whereas the general public, they should never believe this. So  don't believe anyone who says money is a vice, it can be a vice, but it's a vice we all need, we all love and we all want.