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Motorola L7i

posted 26 Nov 2011, 21:04 by olnf Admin   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 02:45 by Sudeep Jaiswal ]
Author: Sudeep Jaiswal

Motorola L7i

Following are the features of the phone I found on the official Motorola site. I shall write my views about it.

1. Up to 1GB of removable storage with an optional MicroSD memory card: It’s possible to 1 GB memory card on the phone but it becomes too slow and hangs often. I opted for a 512 MB one and it still hangs sometimes.

2. Video Playback - 15fps: ‘fps’ means ‘frames per second’. More the fps, more clear the video. It’s pretty good here. The videos don’t lag while running.

3. Audio - AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, AMR NB, MP3, MIDI, WAV: These are the different types of audio files you can play on the phone. It’s a definite improvement over the L7 because you couldn’t play WAV on it, and in my experience most ringtones are in WAV format. AAC quality is better than MP3 so that’s a benefit too.

4. Available User Memory - 20MB: This is a huge improvement over the L7, which had just 6.5 MB phone memory. It’s very helpful if you’re interested in modding your phone later on (I have done it). One thing you WILL try are skins/themes, because the phone has ONLY 3 preloaded ones. Skin files can be pretty huge, going up to 1-1.5 MB. So 20 MB phone memory is very sufficient, since you cannot store skins on your card.

5. Calculator, Alarm Clock, Dynamic Idle, Push to Share, Wallpaper, Ringtone, Screensaver, Pre-loaded Games, Push to Talk: I don’t know what ‘Dynamic Idle’ and ‘Push to Share’ mean. I have never used ‘Push to Talk’ either so I can’t say anything about it. Otherwise I don’t really need to say anything about the rest of those features. Oh well, you can have 5 different alarms at the same time.

6. Camera Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel: The camera is quite good. I won’t say great because it doesn’t really work well in darker places, as there’s no built-in flash. But the clarity is very good. TIP - When starting the camera, first point it towards any source of light, say, a tube light, and then press the button to start it. I found that it tends to work better and there’s more light.

7. Download screensavers, images, animations and sounds: I think this probably refers to the additional services (like Airtel World, Reliance World) with your SIM. It seems that these services are only available in prepaid, as I have a postpaid connection and they don’t appear in my phone.

8. Multimedia Messaging (MMS): You can send MMS messages. But the file size should be small; I think a hundred KB is the maximum size you can send. It can be more. I don’t use this service much so I can’t tell.

9. Built-in hands-free speakerphone: This helps. Just press the "Speaker" button during a call.

10. Crystal Talk - Helps in automatically adjusting the earpiece volume according to the ambient noise levels: I can’t tell if this really works, I’ve never experienced it. And if I have, I didn’t notice.

11. GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE Class 10, GPRS Class 10: I don’t know about these technical specifications, but I do know EDGE is fast. And the browser really works very fast sometimes.

12. USB Speed - Full (12 Mbps max): I think this means that 12 Mega bits per sec is the speed of transfer of data from PC to phone or vice versa. I find it slow using the ‘Motorola Phone Tools’ software that comes on the CD, compared to the fact that you can directly put files on the card through ‘My Computer ----> Memory card’. But I’ll say it’s safer through the software (see point 14).

13. Connectivity - Bluetooth wireless technology - Class 2, Version 1.2: Everyone knows what Bluetooth is. I’ll say that I found that it tends to work faster when I’m transferring data to a high-end phone. My friend has a Nokia N73, and I found that it tends to work fast then. Otherwise we all know Bluetooth is pretty slow.

14. Mobile Phone Tools: This is the very helpful software that comes along in the CD with the phone. Use it for transferring songs, videos, pictures from and to the phone. Added features are cutting audio and video files. You could cut songs to make ringtones.

15. Weight - ~96g, Battery - 900.00 mAh, Dimensions: 49 x 113.5 x 11.5 mm, Size: ~55.0 cc: These specifications are the same as the L7.

16. Display: 176 x 220 mm, 1.9” 262K colors TFT: The display is pretty crisp. But they could make the screen larger. It’s the same as the L7 and that’s a major DISAPPOINTMENT.

My observations:

1. The L7 could store around 75 SMSes. But the L7i stores more than 500! That’s a huge improvement.

2. My phone usually runs for 2 days before I have to charge it again. But if I’m hearing songs etc. all the time the battery drains out in some 6 hrs. That’s an estimate, because many times I fall asleep hearing songs and when I wake up I find the phone off or on low battery. But I hope you get the idea. But do note that using the internet continuously drains the battery MUCH faster than that.

3. DO NOT drop it. Handle it very carefully. I can’t tell whether the screen is scratch resistant or not because I always have the crystal cover on. A friend had the L7. He managed to drop it a couple of times and weird things started happening. The phone memory would automatically start reducing and you could have NO control over it. It would ultimately reach a point where you literally can’t store anything. Imagine your phone memory to be 0.09 kb, I’ve seen it. But if you do drop it, restart the phone immediately.

4. By restarting, I remember that if you switch off the phone, don’t re-start it for another hour at least. Frequent restarting damages the battery. Later on, the battery starts draining pretty fast.

5. If you are thinking of not choosing a Motorola phone just because you can’t put 3rd party programs on it, think this one time again. I told before that it IS possible to mod your phone and put skins on it. Well it is also possible to put games and applications only if they are in JAR/JAD format (JAVA based). Don’t expect it to be like Nokia, but it’s not bad either. And then, everyone has a Nokia.

6. One good thing about watching videos here is that you can watch videos in full screen, which was not possible in the L7. You could even keep movies here on the memory card.

7. It comes preloaded with a Yahoo! application which provides direct links to Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Cricket, Finance and Tones.

8. One good thing is that you can keep ringtones from the memory card as well. L7 didn’t allow that. So if I wanted to put a song as my ringtone, I had to transfer it to the phone memory. An average length song is at least 2-3 MB in size. The L7 had only 6.5 MB phone memory.

9. It can work a Bluetooth headset. Useful for attending calls, but NOT for hearing songs, as you wear it in one ear only.

10. One GREAT feature is that you can record as long a video as you want, because recording only stops when the memory is full. The file type is 3gp. You can also record voice ‘unlimitedly’. The file type is AMR.

11. One BIG drawback in no FM.