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New Year - L&F completes 2 year

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:52 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 21 Dec 2011, 21:45 ]
Author: Suparas Singhi

Dear friends,

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous financial year 2011-2012. We all know that with the march ending, all the Corporate Houses prepare their Annual Report (includes Balance Sheet, P & L, Directors Report, etc.), which is  submit to the regulatory authority for scrutiny (esp. required for PSU & Listed Firms).

You might again be thinking why am I stating the above fact, which does not make any sense to you. This blog is on air from March 2009.It has successfully completed 2 years, the credit goes to all of you. There are at present 9 followers and approx 25 readers (may be more). The blog has total 1609 page views till date and is expected to grow everyday. Last year (2010), I had difficulty in publishing post due to lack of time which resulted in 14 post, i.e only 2 more than previous year (2009).

In order to cope up with the problem of lack of time, I had and I am requesting the followers and friends to come up with the articles, experiences that displays the motto of the blog which is Life & Friendship (L&F).

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gikesh Nair, for sharing such a lovely and thoughtful post on Friendship. Thanks a lot Gikesh.

This will be the ninth post for the year, and the speed with which the post are being published, I feel that we will cross 24 posts target this year i.e. ten more interesting post than last year 2010.
Today's post is not just about informing you about the L&F status. I am here to share with you all, the two videos titled "Life and Friendship" & "Life & Friendship (Memories 10 - 04)".
"Life & Friendship" was the first video that came into existence during the month May 2010. This has memories from graduation to first year PG. It was my first attempt and was appreciated by my friends.This video was never uploaded on net till date, but I thought why not share it with you all. So I hope you will enjoy this video again.

"Life & Friendship (Memories 10 - 04)" is the last video under "L&F" series. This video is a Flash back (Memories from present date to past). The place where it all ended (Pune) to the place where it all began (Nagpur). Please make an assumption that the song in the video is referring to "Time", not to a specific person as done in movie 3 Idiots. I hope, this video does not make you cry but does make you nostalgic. So here you go enjoy.

As usual, I am leaving you with the links to the videos. Copy & Pasting a link is a easy solution than uploading the video. So here you go. Enjoy...

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the Team India for winning the ICC Cricket World Cup after 28 years of interval and making the country proud.