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Quantified Love

posted 24 Nov 2011, 01:47 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 7 Jan 2012, 02:54 by olnf Admin ]

Author: Sandip Dhore

" Analysis of Love Cycle"

I received a text message from one of my friend, which goes as follows:

“If everyone is happy with you then surely you have made many compromises in your life but if you are happy with everyone surely you have ignored many faults of others.”

This message has a deep meaning in it and come what may, we are NOT going to explore that in depth because I had enough serious post in this blog, now its time to have some smile on your face and maintain that smile till the end of the day.

Relations are very difficult to understand and very hard to follow. One needs to be very intelligent enough to keep everything in balance. Even Genius Einstein had a trouble married life (two wives, may be more), but anyways he didn’t die virgin (managed to have three from first). I read an article which stated the fact that Einstein also used to spend a considerable amount of time in chasing the ladies. Hmmm naughty Einstein…The article titled as “Brilliant Men always betray their wives”.
Now you see, even great minds do have such habits. Let Einstein rest in peace.

We move forward with the topic for this post. Today’s topic for discussion is “Analysis of Love Graph”.

Love Graph…a result of last few years’ observation and research of Dhore. I am extremely thankful to him for sharing such an interesting analysis with me, so that I can make this research of his public and famous.

The Love Cycle has 5 phases namely

Eye to Eye
Introduction / Friendship

Let’s pay some attention to Prof. Dhore, what he has to say for all these stages:

SS:  Professor kindly explain eye to eye phase?

Prof:  Eye to Eye is a phase in which a guy/gal first sees each other either in college, at social gathering or at any function. The spark in the eyes attracts each other.

(X axis – time period in months & Y Axis – Love Index writing it on a piece of paper)

At that phase it’s just an attraction, so both of them try to gain maximum attention of each other by one way or the other. First phase being an attraction, require either of them to communicate with each other. This is mostly done through indirect channel i.e. via common friends, brother/sister, etc. Enquiry is made regarding his/her status (single/committed), where does he/she study, which college, what course, and etc.

These activities are carried out and if both of them are interested they move forward to second phase called Introduction/Friendship. If either of them is uninterested, the Love cycle ends at Eye to Eye phase.

SS: What are the important factors that play a major role for the successful transition to Introduction / Friendship?

Prof: The important factor is your friend circle, your good reputation among your friends and a decent image among gals/guys. Looks does matter but, its feelings and nature that decides the run of a relation.

SS: Let’s proceed to next stage.

Prof: It’s an introduction stage where after the enquiry is done and both of them are satisfied and wants to proceed. During introduction phase, both meet to each other through their common friends and have their first talk.

It will be a formal meeting but with an intention of knowing each other. Depending upon each others nature (Introvert/Extrovert), the communication between two proceed. The meeting might conclude by exchanging either of the following option: email or Facebook/Orkut id or mobile no.
The turning point is that if either of them feels uncomfortable, the meeting might be the last despite the exchange of information.

If both of them are comfortable, this stage will see frequent meetings called DATE. During this period they know each other. I, take this point to clarify that, it’s just a friendship, but with an intention to propose, therefore evaluation is done, every time they meet. There are sms chats; mobile inbox is full of his/her messages, late night chatting on net, etc. are the symptoms.

These all activity leads to one syndrome called “Dependency” which makes you feel that now you are in Love and need to propose. This feeling might lead to a failure. At this point of time, one needs to judge the situation and wait for right time to propose. Make use of you common friends to know the mindset of the other.
The next stage is Proposal.

The important factors in this phase are to be different every time you meet. Make him/her curious about you. Let him/her think about you when you are not around.

SS: Professor Why is there a sharp growth in Love Index at this point (10 to 12 month)?

Prof: That is the point when either of them, after consulting with their close ones proposes the other. There are two possibilities i.e. Proposal may be accepted or Rejected. The probability is 0.5 for both outcomes. The reason for such probability is that one might find him/her suitable for friendship or see him/her as a good friend but not as a good Boyfriend/Girl Friend.

Once the proposal is rejected the Love cycle ends, but if its accepted there is high growth in love Index, very sharp growth, which is a result of daily date, late night calls, socialising with each others family, hanging around with each other, gifts, long drive and many more. This growth last for few months then comes the most crucial period called Boredom.

SS: Why is that called Boredom?

Prof: Let me ask you one question won’t you get fed, if you have to wear same set of t shirt every day, same food for lunch & dinner through out your life. Wont you? You will, so once both love birds know each other so thoroughly that as the time pass they don’t have anything new to share or talk. They know each other in out. So there are quarrels/fights/misunderstanding and many more reason that results in saturation in Love Index. Love between both gets saturated or started fluctuating.

You will see many ups and downs in that given period. There are again two outcomes from this point

First: Both the couple will try to recreate the same aura of Proposal and start a new Love cycle (Scallop Shown in the Second Chart). This is very rare, only those who have that amount of patience can do this.

Second: Most common is a break up or decline. The phase see more fights/arguments/misunderstanding & increase in expectation, no late night call, less dating and decrease in interest. The solution to which is a break up and move on in life. This stage is found in day to day life. Those in true love only dare to restart their love story. Rest are all common people.

SS: How do you derive the Love Index?

Prof: It’s a tough question…You see feeling can’t be quantified but I have tried to come over this value by a research conducted in college over Major metro city in India.

Love Index = F (Attraction, Surprise, Interest, Understanding, Care, Support)

The supporting factors are your Image, reputation, Nature.

These are the factors that shape the Love Cycle. So one cannot just say this is my love index. It’s not just possible. It will take years to calculate the Love Index, though many love calculators are available on net. You can try that…. (With a smile)

My message to all lovers, “Patience is the key for a successful Love Cycle”. The moment you be impatient you will loose you love ones. This cycle is not only for Girl Friend & Boy Friend, it is applicable for every relation. It’s how you implement and interpret. This love cycle is a generalised one, so the time period mentioned in this graph may not be true for all couples. But its for sure that every relation pass through these 5 phases.

Are you committed?

SS: No, not yet Prof. Ok thank you professor for your valuable time and thanks a lot for your lovely suggestion.

So guys I hope you will use this information for living a good l

ife full of love with your Family and Partner.

Best wishes to all newly married couples.

Yahhhhhoooooooo India beats Pakistan by 29 runs, and enters the World up Final 2011.

Team India, Best of Luck. De Ghumake.

Dear Friends this post is a work of fiction so don’t take it seriously. It is one of the lengthy post of mine, so read it when you have time. Have Fun.