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Second Coming

posted 24 Nov 2011, 02:10 by Sudeep Jaiswal   [ updated 23 Dec 2011, 08:33 by olnf Admin ]
*Author: Sudeep Jaiswal

We take this opportunity to introduce a new talent, a writer, a poet and more important a commoner named Sudhir Bhatti (pseudonym). An engineer by brain, but a poet by heart. On his request, we are not disclosing the real identity of our author. Except his name everything that is mentioned is 100% accurate and correct to the best of L&F’s knowledge.

Today’s post is an idea indicating a second coming of life which has been poetically indicated in verses as follows.

''Second Coming''
There was no pecker, no wooden gate
I felt lost and was quite dazed,
as I moved along on the broken path,
my bones do ache but I won't stop.
I was there, though I didn't expect to,
the natives cheered and welcomed too,
though I’m late by an year,
compelled to feel my home is here.
The sweet scent of what we love
was not as sweet as brother love.
The sisters weren't too far behind,
I came to know, I was on their mind,
of politics and god we laugh about
it is so simple but they scream and shout.
But we hit then bleed and move along
the broken path, with the squeaking sound.

Disclaimer: I hope that you must have enjoyed the poem but I won’t ask you about how much you understood since it depicts the personal state & thought process of the writer.

(*Originally published in the name of Sudhir Bhatti but written by Sudeep Jaiswal)