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The First Time I Saw Her...

posted 8 Oct 2012, 01:48 by olnf Admin
Author: Anonymous

I was in the initial phase of third year of engineering. Life was dull as usual with not much excitement in it. The career aim too wasn’t clear. Would have happily settled for an IT job in the final year. But then... blindly followed some of my friends into joining a coaching institute for MBA Entrance Exam preparations, which is a normal trend these days among graduation students (believe me it sucks to be an MBA). Didn’t have a clue what MBA meant nor did I have an iota of sense where it would lead to.

I headed for the first couple of classes and discovered no real enthusiasm or interest in it. Partly because the classes would begin very early in the morning, I would mostly doze off in class. On the third day, while I was yawning almost every 10 seconds, I decided to take a look around at the fellow students. I have always been a back bencher and these classes were no exception. Thus, the very obvious advantage of getting to see almost everyone in the class while you could practically hide.

Well, the class was mostly full of boring looking nerds. Suddenly, I stumbled upon a face somewhere in the front row and was literally dumbstruck with the sight. The face was that of an angel, smile so warm and heart touching that I literally kept staring at her for don’t know how long without blinking my eyes. Gosh!! She was so beautiful.....!! I have seen plenty of pretty faces in my life but she was the first and till date the only one who arrested my attention and imagination in such a way. I could do anything for her! I could devote my entire life to her!

She was busy jotting down some notes with her left hand. No one seemed to take notice of me since everyone was busy with solving the practice exercises.

I came to senses after a while and tried to convince myself that she was way out of my league and that a shy and reticent person like me would stand no chance with her. And I gave up easily, though everyday, I would get up well on time and reach the class just to get a glimpse of her.

My roommate one day came smiling and started boasting on how he had got the cell number of one of the girls in the class. After a brief chat, I realised that he was talking about the same girl. This instantly set up waves of anger within me and I got quite upset. And when I am upset it shows on my face more than anything else. My other roommate, who is a closer friend may have understood the reason of my sadness. Instead of kind words, he taunted me on how I could never even manage to speak with that girl. (Later I realized that he was in fact helping me...) This further infuriated the already burning rage inside of me and I resolved to give a shot this time.

I had observed that the girl (let’s name her Sophie) used to arrive in class much earlier that anyone else, which gave me a good chance to speak with her. I too started appearing in class much earlier and would find her sitting in the first row. After a few attempts, I mustered some courage to go to her and ask about which class it was that day. (How stupid... but it worked!!). She smiled and that was that. We started having formal chats on subjects and how the preparation was going on.

After a few days, I managed to ask her cell number which she did give, though a bit hesitantly. Now this was a big triumph for someone like me who had given up long before starting. All day, all I thought of was sending an SMS to her but didn’t know what to send. How would she react? What if she didn’t reply...? All these thoughts kept coming..

Finally I decided to send an innocuous message asking if there was a class this Saturday. The message had been sent and I waited for the reply. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and still no reply. I cursed myself all along for sending the SMS and thought that it might well be over for me. But then, an hour later, there was a beep on my cell phone and there it was... the most important SMS I had waited and wanted all my life! She replied that she didn’t know. Who cared about the class anyway!

During one of the pre-university exams, my friend (my caring roommate) hinted to me that Sophie was in my campus with her friends. Without any second thoughts, I stood up and submitted my answer sheet and left immediately to catch a glimpse of her. I had barely written two pages and naturally failed the paper... :-)

Gradually, an SMS exchange started with a few small duration calls in between. I have always found chatting on the cell phone for hours quite weird and amusing. What could you possibly go on and chat? Would you never run out of new thoughts? For me, even a 5 minute call used to be like a long conversation. After all, what could be there to speak on and on...? But I wanted to chat with Sophie for long. I would usually note down a few key points on a piece of paper so that I wouldn’t run out of thoughts while chatting with her on phone. It used to work for me. All I needed to do was insert the keyword in the conversation just when it started getting dull and then go on and on and listen the voice I loved to hear so much.

Before meeting her, I used to practice my lines in front of the mirror and try and achieve perfection. Although it would mostly not work as I would end up stammering in front of her. I had lost my interest in classes in the first week itself but kept going on because and only because of the chance to meet Sophie.

I wished so much to ask her out for a movie or some sort of date but couldn’t. We gradually did start going out on a few occasions, usually her birthday or mine and those moments were some of the best I ever had in my life.

Such was my undivided attention to her that in the third year examinations, I performed below average which raised everyone's eyebrows since I was a topper right from beginning and usually among the top three in the class. But it didn’t matter.

After engineering, I left for another city to pursue MBA. We did stay in touch though not that regularly. After an year of completing engineering, it was the New Year's night when I was having drinks party with a few of my close friends, I took out my cell phone and finally messaged Sophie..."I love you"...