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Those Were the Best Days of My Life...

posted 15 Oct 2012, 10:19 by olnf Admin
Author: Anonymous

It’s tough for a child when you start schooling in a foreign nation with their language as the means of communication. Either you quickly learn and adapt or get ready for alien-like treatment. Fortunately though, I quickly learnt and got along well with my class. My initial couple of years in school were tough though, not because of language problems but because I didn’t want to attend school and cried the hell out of me every morning, before and after I was thrown in class. So much so that the worried teachers would at times call up my parents and suggest some days of study from home as a solution! I loved it!! :)

Gradually, going to school became a normal activity for me. It’s amazing that you had all the time in the world even after returning from the school. The play time, the cartoon time, time for small naps and so on apart from the homework time. I would start looking forward to the evening TV programs right from the start of first class at school. After all, the Kung fu shows (on the defunct Home TV) or the WWE on Star Sports or the Disney hour with Aladdin, Uncle Scrooge and Baloo or the Small Wonder - Yes, Vikki the Robot, caught the imagination of every child and made the day worthwhile.

This would more or less follow with a session of mimicking the Kung fu moves or the famous wrestling moves of The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin. I always wanted to copy the beer act of Stone Cold wherein he would walk with cans of beer in the ring and squash them with such ease and contempt. The shows on Cartoon Network like the Mask, Tom and Jerry Show, Dexter, Captain Planet etc. were the other daily addictions apart from the play time outside home where cricket, badminton and marbles (yes, my favourite!) would constitute the major activities.

It’s funny to look back and see that the kids then (in the late nineties and not a century ago!) would spend so much time outside while the scene has changed dramatically today with the inflow of Xbox games, internet and mobile phones. No wonder there are more and more couch potatoes! Naaa... I shouldn’t be preaching here... let them do what they want.

The pocket money thing in the morning was my other favourite event. Mom/dad would every day give me 5 Rupees before I would leave for the school apart from the heavy tiffin box which I rarely finished on my own. The 5 rupee note would give me the feeling that "I'm the king of the world!!!!” I could buy a candy or some marbles or colourful ice golas or stickers of my favourite wrestlers. There was so much to do with 5 rupees in the pocket and nothing to do when there are thousands in the bank account today! Such is life!

Exam time was one other event I would look forward to (surprising but true for me!). Exam time for me would be to arrange the geometry box with the exam time table, every stationary item intact, keep the watch ready, and have a small carry bag for the large ruler and geometry box. Not sure why but it was quite fun.

The best part was the two month winter holiday that followed the final term examinations. The feeling after the last exam of the final term was the feeling of freedom, one which is inexplicable, which would fill the soul with such proportions of joy equivalent to eternal bliss. My family would return to India every year during this two month holiday period. This time period meant meeting my grandparents, playtime with cousins, visiting new places and having unlimited fun sans the daily ritual of studies and homework.

The transition from school to college was a big occasion. I realised that the fun part was even more when you would have more friends, introduction of the first crush and so on. Friends became an integral part in college life with whom you would share all the ups and downs. Then the inevitable circumstance when you would have the first crush or love at first sight and then trying to persuade everyone that "don’t look at her, bhabhi hai teri” :) (have shared this experience in my last article).

The days in college were not really meant for studies. Bunking the classes and even the practicals with group bunks and mass bunks gave the real high pleasure. Lingering around the college corridors with the closest bunch of friends, commenting on the range of professors, trying to analyse which girl was the hottest in the class etc. were the moments that I remember till date and not the monotonous lectures. Even among the professors, a few of them managed to catch the attention of me and my closest of pals and well, we wouldn’t miss a single lecture or practical of hers for reasons well known! :)

The barrage of taunts you would unleash on the closest of pals for taking more sheets in the exam or spending full quota of 3 hours or not showing the formula that you had forgotten were some of the highlights of examination times. This followed the daily rituals of tea at the famous "tapri" (small tea houses) which ran practically 24 hrs a day!

Ironically, this was the time, when I watched the most number of movies in my life. Easy downloading and sharing meant that you would never run out of stock. There were times when we would have a night out with marathon non-stop movies with loads of food at disposal. There were times when I would be watching a movie while the exam was due to start in the next couple of hours! It was so thrilling to reach the exam hall just in time and still manage to score well. It felt so good!

Coming to the present, I find myself strangled in a phase of transition wherein contrary actions define the way of life. I love to watch the news (politics/economics/sports) and at the same time love to watch a rerun of any of my favourite cartoon shows. A time when my first crushes, former love are getting married while I’m still trying to come to terms with life. It’s a difficult period indeed!

It’s funny how the days of learning were more fun and worthwhile than the current days of earning. The irony though is that I thought it would be exactly the opposite which didn’t happen. I so wanted to grow up quickly when I was a child. And here I am now, a grownup who wishes he didn’t grow up so quickly.

A mere glance at those wonderful days fills the soul with ushering waves of nostalgia. If only I could return to those days!!!